Skin Types

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As I told in a previous post, I'm going to write about skin types, since I was so long clueless about my own skin type. 'Cause I didn't know the 'needs' of my skin, I most likely treted it in a wrong way. There must be other people also who are struggling with this same DILEMMA, so hopefully this post helps to determine your skin type and the right ways to take care of it. :)
For now I'm only listing the skin types and I talk about the right care in the next post. :)

There are 4 different skin types:
Dry skin
Oily skin
Combination skin
Well.... First of all, in my opinion every skin type is NORMAL. There aren't right and wrong - its not abnormal to have oily skin or dry skin! :DD You know what I'm trying to say?
Secondly: Every one of these skin types can also be SENSITIVE, but there aren't a skin type that's only sensitive.
How to determine your skin type:
* Look - take a mirror and look what your skin looks like
*Feel - touch your face. But with CLEAN hands! :D
^ These are the things we cosmeticians do also when we determine the skin type of the client. We look the skin, touch the skin. (also we ask questions but only so that we know what the client thinks about her/his skin.)
Now that we are looking our beautiful face from the mirror, we have to know what we are looking for. :P
Normal skin:
* It is Not oily nor dry
* Pores are normal size (those are the small 'holes' you can see <--- with normal skin you most likely don't see them easily)
* The skin is soft and smooth
* Hydration is normal (pull your eyelid gently and if it bounces back immediately, you have good hydration.)
* Color: Good, 'rosy' (not pale or ashy)
* Blood circulation good (you blush easily)
NOTE: There can be some blemishes or blackheads even if the skin is normal.
Dry skin:
*Feels dry and bristly
* Pores are almost too tiny to see
* The skin can feel thin (mostly older).
* Can feel like it's cracking. 
* Is smooth (with younger)
* No blemishes or blackheads
* Hydration is poor
* Color: Good or some cases pale
* Blood circulation can be poor (with older)
* Can be sensitive or irritates easily
Oily skin:
* Feels oily
* Looks oily (shines)
* Thick skin structure
* Pores are big
* Hydration can be either normal, poor or increased
*Color: yellow-ish, grey-ish. No transparent effect
* Blood circulation: Normal
* Blemishes, blackheads
Now, I have to say this. If you have oily skin, don't worry or be sad! Usually those who have oily skin as a teen, have lot better skin as a adult than same aged person! :D
It may sound unfair, but that's just how it is! :D
Combination skin:
This skin type is really common and hard to explain with just these '*'-marks.
* Can be a mixture of different skin type: eg. oily skin + normal skin: Dry skin + oily skin.
* Common combination: Oily t-zone + normal cheeks
With this skin type you have to just se if there are something from the dry skin and something from some other skin type. I know that some say that combination skin is oily t-zone and normal cheeks, but that's not the only one and right combination!

Eg. If you have oily cheeks, but dry forehead and nose - you still are a Combo skin! :D
For myself I'm a combination skin (oily t-zone + normal/dry cheeks): 
*Big/Normal pore in the forehead, nose, chin
* Tiny pore in the cheek area
* Blackheads on the nose area
* Color: pale
* My t-zone shines during the day (e.g your foundation feels like it doesn't stay on place)
* My cheeks are normal (summer), but in the winter they dry
* Isn't sensitive
* Hydration is good
Hope this was even little helpfull! I tried to make this as clear as possible.
If you have any conserns, don't be afraid to contact me, I'm more than happy to help! :))
I'll be back soon, have a great day! <3


  1. Definitely helpful and interesting reading. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. hey kiitos tästä postista :D luulin että mulla on rasvainen iho, mutta itseasiassa se näyttäisi olevan sekaiho eli normaalia ja rasvaista. Pitääkin nyt tutkia kaikki putelit ja purkit et mitä siihen naamaan on tullut tökittyä :P

    1. Tosi kiva, jos tästä oli apua! Ja jos mitään kysymyksiä tulee ihotyypeistä, niin viestiä vain s-postiin tai kommenttia, tosiaan näitä juttuja opiskelen parhaillaan! :)

  3. This is the most helpful post I've read on skin types!


    1. I'm so happy, if this was helpful! I truly want to help with these things, so it's a relief to know I could explain my thoughts properly :))