Rant: Stop the time

Aaaaaargh, again so much time has gone by since I last time wrote. I have been so busy with school and makeup competition practises (and clients also). I'm overwhelmed how much work I have and how fast the time goes by - just stop the time for a while and let me breathe! >.<

Everyday after school I feel soooooo drained I could just fall to the bed and fell asleep in a second - specially after hairdo classes... 'Cause I suck at hair things. Here's a proof: 

Yeah... I just don't have that "dimension" thinking skill (don't dare to say I'm wrong) .
I have hard time doing any makeup posts at the time 'cause all of my brushes are in school or wet because I have used them in school and then have washed them. :( So u just have to bare my rants at the time. 

To the end, some pics: 

Matchy hair and makeup color ;) 

Ummm, yeah I turned into red head again xD brunette or dip dye wasn't my thing. 

Fall is coming, enjoying last warm weathers :) 


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  1. The hairdos look so pretty and you hair colour is gorgeous!