Fusion of Color: Romance

Hello all of you!

How have you been? :)))

I have had the greatest 5 days!!! 5 best school days yet! High school isn't anything compared to this? I LOVE MY SCHOOL, MY CLASS... EVERYTHING! <3 :DD

Honestly, I have such a wonderful classmates - they are as dedicated as I am and I really feel like I'm in home when I'm in school. That's something I never would have thought (I couldn't have quessed I would enjoy being in school).
At fisrt I was terrified as I saw I have 8-9 hour days in school, but now... It feels like I have only few hours. And the end of the day (even if I'm tired and hungry) I'm quite dissapointed that I have to go home. haha xDD

I'm vey sleepy right now, I should go to bed since I have to wake up early tomorrow, but I'm showing a look that I did today with FUSION OF COLOR COSMETICS (Thank you Makeup Junkie Nikki for recommending!)


* Inglot Eye primer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
* Fusion of Color Cosmetics "Romance" (Lid)
* MUG "Homecoming"
* MUG "Goddes"
* MUG "Corrupt"
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25
*Maybeline Colossal Mascara (waterproof)
* Meow Cosmetics Blush "Cat in Situation"

In the picture above, my hair looks so brunette, but I don't know why 'cause it's really quite light right now. Light and almost coppery brown (but only faded haha :D)
I will do some looks this weekend, so stay tune! :)))
Take care!

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