Rant: Work vs. Freetime

I'm quite lazy... But that's only 'cause I'm also kind of a work-a-holic. And by work-a-holic I mean I get frustrated if I don't have anything to do at work time and I just have to sit there doing nothing. Get's me rally anxious.
I get the feeling I'm useless, if I don't do something all the time.

I'm not so crazy that I would think of work on my freetime also.... Oh wait a minute, I take that back, I do think of work things on my freetime.
BUT I would rather not think them!
It's just that as I'm on beauty industry, people come to ask beauty related things from me also on my freetime.

So as I have freetime I do use it by relaxing, loafing on the sofa, eating bad foods (REMEMBER YOUR VEGIES KIDS!! :D), watching movies under bfs' arm.
That makes me 'lazy'.
Lazy 'cause I'm really not lazy... if that made any sense in the world (quess not :D).

At the time I'm a _Lash Technician_ (Yes I have a sertificate, I'm not selftaught).

In the picture above, is one of my lovely clients. :) She has allready naturally long lashes, so we could add a lenght quite a bit.
On the picture she has lashes that are C-curl (so they are quite curvy ooh lalala ;)) in 9, 11, and 13mm lenghts.
Later we add also some 15mm lashes to the outer corners, but I don't have picture from them.
As I'm poor student, boohoo, I work at home (and in some cases I go to clients home).
My bf once said that it would be fun if he had a room where he could work, fix things (he's into cars and in my opinion it seems like he generally likes fixing things) and have basically  'garage' as his room - so that after he's ready to go to sleep he could only fall to the bed, not leaving the room.
It sounds great I admit, and fun. :D But I said that I wouldn't mix work and freetime.
At first it's fun.
But then all the work things starts to stress you right in the place where you shouldn't think of working your ass off.
I noticed and proofed this just recently as I had done yet another lashes to client and tried to go to sleep in the night.
I just couldn't.
All that I could see as I closed my eyes was doing lash extensions.
And as much as I love doing them, I hate that I can't sleep because of them! :(
I really like my sleep, I want to sleep!! Please?
Anyone that relates??? 

In a nutshell: I DON'T RECOMMEND LETTING WORK TO COME TO YOUR FREETIME. (Or it will soon come to your drems also... SOOOON xD)

For this same reason I'm afraid that makeup becomes something I don't want to do as a hobby 'cause I start to do it also in school this fall... I don't want it to feel like a job. :(
Meh, that's not going to happen! :D *Confident*

To the end another lash extension pic. :)
B- curls in 9 and 11mm lenght + C-curl in 7mm


  1. yay! tervetuloa takaisin ^^ kiva taas lukea sun postauksia!