School makeuping: everyday makeup


We have a makup and hair do period in school at the time. 
I so have waited this! :P 
Even the hair! ... At least for far as we started... I realized I hate doing hair for someone else. xD 

Today we did a everyday makeup.
 I felt little restricted, cause the teachers have their own style so they teach it to us... 
But I will and can do my own thing - they know I have experierence about doing makeup so they don't mind if I do something differently than others (also 'cause I will be going to competition). (Kauneus ja teveysmessut ;)) 

Besides, isn't makeup a form of art? U really can find your own style of doing it - would be dull to have strict rules :(.

The teacher showed the eye makeup to my model (to the other side). 
My classmate then said to me: 'now u have a pressure to make the pther match the teachers!' 
... Yup, I did felt little pressure after that :D 
But I think I did well. 

Here's my lovely model and classmate. Sorry the bad quality of the photo, phone camera boohoo :(
From this point of view, I did the left eye, teacher the right one (also made little touch ups for hers so that it matches to my style). 

I went for neutral colors, cause she had to go to work after school. 

Color range in this look: 

*Dark grey 
* Black 
* Shimmery white (tear duct higlight) 
* Medium brown 
* Eggshell white 

The whole makeup (face, brows, eyes) have been done with Ben Nye cosmetics.

Tommorrow I will try some pinks maybe, we'll see ;)

Thank you for reading! 

<3 Riina 

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