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Have you ever had that feeling when you brush your long, seemingly healthy hair with your hands and then you suddenly notice a BIG pile of hair on the floor and tangeld between your fingers? First thought usually among women is: "AM I GOING BALD?!?!" (And then we secretly wipe the fallen hair to the trash an with a squeezing feeling in our stomach. haha)

But fear not. (That sounded like some cartoon character.) You probably aren't going bald even if wad of loose hair can be scary vision. More likely you're just suffering from deprivation of vitamin called BIOTIN (also known as Vitamin-H).
For some reason Biotin is kind of a mystery vitamin for many of us. And by 'mystery' I mean many knows for example how important vitamin-C is... Or Omega-3.
But biotin... The first question I have heard when mentioning Biotin, is always: "What?" And then after that "What it does?" And then.... You get the point.

That's why I now try to little bit open this mystery for you by telling my own expierences with Biotin and by answering these common question. :)
(Feel like a ambassador of vitamin-H!) 


- It's a vitamin which improves the quality of your hair and nails. It also can prevent hair to go grey! (Now ladies we don't want grey hair, don't we?)
- It takes part in manufacturing Keratin (protein and key structural of hair and nails.)
- It's sulphur 'based' vitamin (Sorry if I didn't express that with right term.) <--- Sulphud has an impact on the structure of your nails. Ex. garlic, onion and cucumber contains sulphud. (Yay! I can eat onion chips then?)
- Deprivasion causes; hair loss, fragile nails (ex.)

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- YES! Biotin is safe. As a matter of fact, you get biotin from your regular diet (but quite tiny amounts).
Raw egg yolk, liver, some vegetables and peanuts contains Biotin. (These are the foods that contain relatively high amount.)


I think it's quite common to have a deprivasion of Biotin. I mean think about it; many of us 'suffers' from loss of hair and has... well quite poor nails. (And how many of us really eats everyday liver or RAW egg yolks... those foods which contains the high amunt biotin????) 

For the hair deprivasion we usually blame the season, heat, lack of hair care, styling irons or regeneration.
And nails on the other hand... I at least use to say only; "I just have short, bad nails. They won't grow. Never, ever"
I was blaming my genes??? :D (Genes are only one factor.)
Personally I didn't even think about lack of some vitamin, 'cause my hair was growing quite fast already. It didn't cross my mind that there would be some combining factor between nail and hair growth. I saw hair, nails and skin as a individual parts (if that makes any sense). (BTW not anymore.)


Last summer-fall my hair was badly falling down and it didn't grow well. My nails were even worse than my hair. (Let me tell you, they were so horrible that it seemed like I had scratch stones for hours with my nails. :D)
My skin was also really bad (dry and then again oily, spots, blemishes...), but I'm not going to tell about that matter too much 'cause I felt like biotin wasn't the answer for my skin problems.
Now when I look back I know that failing to get in school was one reason why my skin, nails and hair were so stressed out. (I was quite stressed out and also little depressed.) JUST WANTING TO REMIND; STRESS WILL AFFECT TO YOUR WHOLE BODY.

I ate biotin about month or two after hearing that it could help with my skin problems. Instead of my skin feeling better, I noticed change in my hair and nails;


* My nails grew 'abnormally' fast
* They were strong (no more chipping)
* Healthy color (pink + white strip)
* I had to cut them frequently so that they aren't overly long

Seriously, some even asked me, if I had acrylic nails!


* Grew also faster and stronger
* Was shiny
* Didn't have knots
* Weren't so frizzy (I have natural waves which makes my hair little frizzy)
* No more harsh hair loss

SKIN (?) (There were some little improvements)

* Somehow little smoother
* More healthy looking (healthy glow?)


* 5mg Biotin (10000% compared to the amount you get from diet in a day)
* 15mg Zink (150% -"-)
* 40mg Methionine

I was personally really happy with the 'results'/healthier body. This particular biotin is my absolute favourite, 'cause it contains also Zink (skin) so I don't have to take also Zink capsel.
Over month ago I tried also other Biotin capsels, but I didn't saw same kind of results with it. Maybe 'cause it contained only biotin and on top of that there was much less the vitamin in one capsel. (+ there were only 15 tablets)
I understand not everybody likes to eat 'extra' vitamins from jar, but personally I don't get all the vitamins that I need from my diet (specially what comes to these 'mystery vitamis'). :)


Would I then recomend trying biotin tablets?
- Yes. I do recomend trying biotin, if you feel like your hair or nails are feeling badly. (just make sure you read the product info carefully) :)

If you want more info or you have any further questions about my experiences with Vitamin-H, just e-mail or leave a comment. :)
(Finnish readers; Jos kiinnostuitte tästä kyseisetä biotiini tuotteesta ja haluatte tietää siitä enemmän, laittakaa meiliä niin sähköpostaan lisää infoa takaisin. :))

Remember Lil' readers to take your VITAMINS! ;) <3 

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