Tutorial; Meadow Of Blue Flowers

It's again tutorial time as I promised! :)

"Meadow Of Blue Flowers"
" - - The mystical, eerie light of the full moon reflected blue hue of the tiny flowers and made them almost glow.
- - I was lying on the ground; on the meadow of blue flowers. I felt free - like if there wasn't a single bad thing in the world anymore. - -"

(Quote; (c) Riina Järvinen 2007-2010. I took the artists'/author's freedom with the translation.)

Start this look with primer;

Add your sky blue shadow (MUG "poolside") to your lid, but leave inner corner empty;

Fill the inner corner with lighter blue-ish green (Meow cosmetics IdealEyes in "Mischievious"). If you're using this particular shadow, adding a white base can help the shadow to show more vibrantly;

Lighten the "Mischievious" by adding tiny amount of pure white shadow on top of it (I also put it into my browbone area);

Now, add darkest blue (MUG "Ocean Breeze") to the outer corner and blend inwards so that there aren't any harsh lines between the different blues;

Darken the most outer part with a black shadow (MUG "Corrupt") ---> Blend well with that same dark blue on your brush which you used in a previous step;

Line the lower waterline with white and upper lashline with black liquid liner. Also smudge the dark blue to the lower lashline (only one third if you have small eyes like I do);

At this point I startet to have THECNICAL DIFICULTIES so this is the picture from the "original look", but just Add mascara and false lashes (Red Cherry #600). + add highlights;


Numbers indicates the places of each shadow/shade. (ignore the typo :DD)


* MUG "Poolside"
* MUG "Ocean Breeze"
* MUG "Corrupt"
* MUG "Vanilla Bean"
* MUG "Shimma Shimma"
* Sugarpill "Tako"
* Meow Cosmetics "Mischievious"
* Red Cherry False Lashes #600

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