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1st. of June Meow Cosmetics launched their newest Seasonal Limited Edition Collection called "Joys of Summer". All the names of the eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers of this collection is named by the customers! They had this naming contest where you could tell your "joys" of summer.

Luckily two of my name suggestions were chosen in this collection! :) ("Heatwave" and "Lazy Days")

As a prize I could choose one full size eyeshadow (Meow Cosmetics sell also sample sizes!!). It was a hard thing to do, 'cause they're all so pretty!!! >_<  
In the end I wanted "Heatwave" (Tehee, named by me. :D), 'cause red eyeshadows seems to be so rare.

Heatwave. (

"Heatwave" is berry red with a golden sheen.

Because I also made an order at the same time, I also received 2 sample sizes from the "Joys of Summer" collection. :)

"Midnight Sun" (

Midnight Sun is "intense blue with strong purple fire ". I would say a blue with a purple hue.
There's something really eery on this color... : DD

"Endless Nights" (

Endless Nights is purple with silvery shimmer. (Really shimmery!! Yet subtle)

Heatwave, Endless Nights, Midnight Sun.
(Sorry about the bad picture, I'm not good at doing swatches so yet again I just do looks were you can see these better!)

Remember, as this is a SEASONAL collection, it will be gone at some point!

Where to buy? (Direct link to the "Joys of Summer" collection)

Sample size: 1$
Full Size eyeshadow: 8$

Personally I'm going to purchase at least these shadows in some point; "Oasis", Cricket Serenade", Heat Lightning", "Flaming Marshmallows", "Brazilian"

Remember, if you have questions, just contact me! :)

Jos kiinnostuitte firmasta ja on kysymyksi tuotteista/maksutavoista jne. niin ottakaa reippaasti yhteyttä minuun! (Lojaali Meow Cosmetics asiakas!) 

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