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Hi Lil' Readers! Today is all about LUSH COSMETICS. 



- Lush or LUSH is a company that offers handmade FRESH cosmetics like soaps, face masks, oils, bath bombs, shampoos, skin care products... etc.  
- They use fruits, vegetables, essential oils, some synthetic ingredients, honey and beeswax in their products.
- They are strongly against animal testing and are relying on volunteer human  testing.
- Over 370 stores around the world
- They aim to be environment friendly ---> at least in here if you return the bag where they pack your products, they recycle it. 


- As far as I know and at least Lush says to be a cruelty free company. (Means that they don't test on animals and also their ingredient producer/importer doesn't do animal testing.) 
- Lush CAN be found from PETA's "Cruelty free list". :) 


- Lush is 100% VEGETARIAN (not sure what this means. Maybe 'cause they don't use ANIMAL FATS... yuck) 
- Partly VEGAN* - 'partly' 'cause some of their products have beeswax or honey in them. 
- VEGAN products are marked with a 'V' 

*Vegan = Vegan products don't have any animal based ingredients in them. 


I think among them who have heard from Lush, they are known from their handmade, fresh cosmetics, but also from their unusual and still 100% natural ingredients. 
I mean is there many companies that have a GRASS SHOWER GEL?? :DD (Read right, Lush has a shower gel that has grass in it - after a shower you probably smell like you have been rolling in a fresh moaned grass.... Hmmm, I like that smell actually, but don't know if I would like it on my skin. haha :D)


I'm myself also quite new to Lush, but I have tried couple of them face masks. 

This is a mask I received just yesterday. I wanted to try this already earlier, but they didn't have this in the store so I got "Cupcake" instead. (Cupcake face mask is specially for teenage skin, but anybody that likes smell of chocolate can use it of course! :) Cupcake surely smell and looks like creamy chocolate in container, but please don't taste it, it has clay in it! :D)


* Is made specially for 'problem skin' (sounds like me) 
* VEGETERIAN (not Vegan)
* 75g (it says in the container that there's enough product for 4 treatments, but for me the prevous one last longer)
* Refreshing
* Their best-selling face mask


* Garlic
* Honey
* Kaolin
* Fresh green grapes
* Eggs (from free chicken... is that right word? :D well everybody knows what I mean.) 
* Cornflour
* Glycerine
* Parfume 


- Take decent amount of products 
- Apply to the CLEAN face. (AVOID EYE AREA!) <--- just so that you look like a typical person who has a face mask :DD (you know, they don't move their mouth and for some reason all the little children always scare them :D) 
- Wait 5-10 minutes (so that the product doesn't completely dry)
- Rinse with warm water.

- Voila! Your skin should be refreshed :P



* All in all I like the policy of LUSH.
* Their unusual ingredients are forth of try (I think I'm going to try the grass gel at some point! :D)
* Products are affordable.
* Cruelty free is always a plus for me.
* Encourage their costumers to be environmental friendly (something I appreciate even if I'm not the most GREEN person out there). 


* Easy to use (daa.) 
* Natural ingredients (good thing) 
* Seems to really refresh your skin
* After use your skin seems to feel smooth. 
* This particular face mask has quite bad smell in it... (just my opinion, I'm sensitive to smells. and on top of that my previous face mask was "Cupcake" which smell chocolate.) But you get use to it. 
* There's some weird junks in the product :D (must be the grapes.)
* Do like it, but not my favorite so far because of the smell.
* Good value of money (9,95 e)
* If you collect 5 of these (empty) containers and return them to Lush store, they give you a new face mask in return. <3 (too bad that I can't find the old container)

Do I recommend?
- Ye, I do recommend trying Lush face masks, there are different masks from which to choose.

REMEMBER; Cause these face masks are FRESH they have a expiration date! You should use the whole products until it expires, 'cause it will start to get bad like every other fresh fruits and foods. 
KEEP IN COOL PLACE! (Refrigerator) In the Lush stores they also keep them in cool. 
For this same reason these masks aren't in sale in online stores. (In Finnish site they do sell "Cupcake" face mask, but they advice you to get it from the post immediately as it arrive, 'cause the product have been in warm place during the shipping.) 

Where to buy? 

(Just choose your country from the list. From the same site you can also find the actual Lush stores near you.)


As always feel free to leave comment or e-mail me to get more info! :) <3

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