Tutorial; Razzleberry Slushie

Now is time to do a SLUSHIE!

This look requires quite much blending - so be patient. :) In almost every step you need to keep adding those three shades of pink/red and play back and forth with them.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the zoomed pictures show the colors little weirdly, but I had to use them 'cause otherwise you couldn't see the places of the colors :)
(So forgive my bad photography day. Can I still defend myself by saying I'm still newbie with doing a tutorials? I mean this is just my 4th tutorial. :D.)


Let's start the SLUSHIE!

You will need;

1 Flat stiff brush
1 small stiff dome brush/ pencil brush
1 small brush for the lower lashline


* MUG "Razzleberry" (Red)
* MUG "Corrupt" (didn't use this in the original one) (Matte Black)
* Sugarpill "Tako" (Pure matte white)
* Sugarpill "Tiara" (silver)
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette (2nd edition) (light and medium pink)

(If you don't have these particular products, that's fine. Just use what you have. :))


PRIME. + Add a white base if you want (helps the colors show brightly)

Add your white color to the browbone. (Tako by Sugarpill) With this look the highlight color can be seen really well so don't worry if it seems too white.

Place your lightest pink to the crease like this with FLAT stiff brush. (notice how my color is drawn little bit up to the browbone area)

Take your medium pink (almost neon pink) and place it right under the light pink you just added.

Take your RED ("Razzleberry" by Makeup Geek) and place it into the crease also. AT LEAST in this point you have to start going back and forth with those three shades of red. (Meaning that you may want to add some more of that medium pink, maybe that light pink and then again the red... )

Carefully dap a sticky white base to the middle and inner lid.

TAP some silvery glitter/loose shadow ("Tiara" by Sugarpill) over the sticky base. We want that icy, frosty, Slushie feel ;)

We don't want that 'ice part' to be too white so really softly tap some of that medium pink/neon pink on top of that silver. (If you loose that silver too much, then add more and then again that pink. also keep adding that red into the crease, since you will loose some of it!)

Line the lower lahsline with the medium pink and then the outer half with the red ("Razzleberry")

Switch to your small STIFF DOME brush/Pencil brush and add some black to the outer V ("Corrupt" by Makeup Geek) ---> Blend inwards with a red on your brush.
Keep adding the pink and the red until the intensity is what you desire!!!

At this point I messed up the shape of my eyeshadow :DDDD (LOL!)

Black liquid liner to the upper lashline
Black pencil liner to the upper waterline
White pencil liner to the lower waterline
Add Mascara (after all of the shadows are ready). Clue some rhinestones and add MEGA shiny falsies! :D
Bad lightning in this photo, the reds for me at least seem too dull and dark...

And your Razzleberry Slushie is all done! :)

Number '3' is the one you would wanna see the most (look the picture above), so keep adding that thorough the whole process (I can't write 'process' :'D Did I write it right?)
Seriously what on earth happend to the red in this picture!!?!?!? :'DDDD So annoyed. Oh well, maybe I can live with that. :D


Maybe next time I take the step-by-step pictures right away so I don't have to do the look twice :D (and then the looks aren't also different from each other.)


Hopefully this was helpful and fun! :)
If you need more information, you can always contact me by e-mail or by comment! :))

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