New Makeup Goodies!


My birthday came early this year! Know why? 'Cause the mailwoman came (what a nice mailwoman she was, she bought all of my boxes straight to the door and the regular mail also!).

Now I act just like some reeeeeeally crazy makeup bimbo... BUT DON'T CARE! :D I'm really tired because all of the entrance exams and so on, but this cheered.

I received;

* Makeup Geek eyeshadows
* BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette.

I'm going to tell about them later more. Now I'm just too lazy, I have been writing almost three hours straight last NIGHT (why does all the inspiration come always in the middle of the night???) and today I was doing my essay to the Cosmetology school (jus sent it to there)

I feel like a zombie; I'm pale (ermm, something new?), my eyes aren't even open entirely, I'm mumbling by myself, my hair is like a huge birds nest (I wonder is that why all the little birds in the woods confuse me to their nests and flought so near as I was walking our wiener dog :'DD... obviously I had to hide myself in the woods.).

On top of that I pumb into doors and walls as I walk around the house - like I don't have any control... Oh wait, that happens all the time, it's not part of my "zombie mood".

Well wasn't there enought excuses for me to write about the products later? :D
But I do have some pictures for you.

Makeup Geek and BH Cosmetics.
And my dirty floor. :3

Hahaa, I love that packaging material!!!! (like a little child, being happy because of some foam.)

Makeup Geek shadows.
I will show you more picture later :) (and I also tell the names later)

But this I must show you right now! This is the shadow I was waiting most eagerly! <3 Red with gold sparkle. >.< "Razzleberry" (I hope I wrote that right)
Oh, look, my nails are actually quite nice! haha.

With this palette I was really worried that the eyeshadows are cracked by the time I got it, but look how well it was packed! There was like three leyers of bubblewrab around the palette and on top of that it was in the cardboard box. No CRACKS! 
Tehee, not going to show the inside yet :P

Here are the goodies together... I have to solve where I'm going to put that palette. Even for those MUG refil pans I don't have a empty palette, but I have quite unique place for them. :) 


Apparently I have a serious problem with cute cosmetic packages, 'cause I have saved all the MUG and Sugarpill EMPTY packages! :'DD Don't ask why, 'cause I really don't know - just can't toss them away.
'Cute package syndrome'.
Hope my close friend doesn't see this 'cause I'm sure she would snap me 'cause of this; "Why on earth you have saved those? You don't do anything with them!"
Doesn't it look like the basket is filled with the refill pan packages? :DD Under them I'm hiding ugly nail polishes and foundation applicators. :>
(On the right you can see part of the Tarino Tarantino/Paul Mitchell hair treatment liquid.)

That's all for now. Stay tune for the more detailed product descriptions and more! :) And as always, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.



  1. Kun tilasit noita makeup geek:sistä niin tuliko sulle paljon tulli maksua vai ollenkaan? kun mä olen miettinyt jos ostais mut ei viittisi tullia maksaa tuhottomasti ja ei oo mitään hajua tullirajoista tms. :P

    1. Moikka Tuuli!

      Itse asiassa en ole vielä kertaakaan varsinaisesti Makeup Geekiltä mitään ostanut (eli maksanut) - viimeksi voitin luomivärejä kisasta ja nämä he halusivat lähettää antamani palautteen vuoks tai jotain :)

      Olen kuitenkin kysellyt maksutavoista ja sanoivat, että Visa Electroninkin pitäisi toimia.
      Muista, että tullimaksua ei tule kosmetiikassa mikäli hinta jää alle 45 EUROA :) (euroopan unionin ulkopuolelta tilattaessa.)
      Postitus maksu MUGilla määräytyy tavaramäärän mukaan (eli saattaa nousta korkeaksi). Tavara saapuu viikon sisällä, eli toimistus on nopeaa :)

      Jos on vielä jotain kysyttävää niin laita vaan uutta kommenttia tai sähkäriä!

      - Riina -