Makeup Hoarder


Today I was going to tell you about the Makeup Geek shadows and the BH cosmetics palette and do some swatches, but I'm not feeling well at all. :( So I'm not in a condition to play with shadows or taking a photos.

Instead I'm just quickly showing some stuff that came to my mailbox today. I know, I know. It starts to seem like I'm a makeup hoarder. (Yes, I tend to shop products more often than a 'regular makeup person', but I'm not a hoarder - i don't even have that big of stash that some of my friends surely imagine.)

These are really 'basic', everyday stuff I got:

Lily Lolo Angled blush brush: If I remember right, the brush is all VEGAN. Believe it or not, but until now I didn't have even a angled blush brush! O.o

And do I even have to say anything? NYX Jumbo Pencil "Milk": So many self taught makeup 'hobbyists' are using this, it must be a LEGEND already! :'D And I didn't have the freaking pencil!!!! I was feeling like I was the only one who didn't have it! ;(
But now i do! :DDDDD

Only thing is that the box where these came from had a DISGUSTING SMELL! Somehow really synthetic and chemical. :S Made me feel sick. But maybe it is just 'cause I'm feeling flu-ish today - I tend to smell everything really strongly.

Have a good day Lil' Readers! Hopefully you feel better than me! :))
And the swatches + product details from MUG, BH cosmetics later! ;)

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