Endless Nights

Hey! It's going to be a really short post - it's already 1:16 am here as I write this. I'm not in sleep yet 'cause I'm so nervous about the results of the cosmetology school. The letters from the school should arrive in the morning. I know staying up won't fasten the time, but I cant help it, if I'm nervous/scared.

Anyway! I did a really quick eye makeup today using the MEOW COSMETICS "ENDLESS NIGHTS" from the "JOYS OF SUMMER" Seasonal collection. :))

I only did this to my other eye, so there's (at least yet) no whole face photos this time. I was also already out of sunlight as some of you may notice.

* Inglot eyeprimer
* smoke gray shadow (Inglot, but I can't remember the number and just now I'm too lazy to get up from the bed. Sorry! :D)
* Medium brown eyeshadow (BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition)
* Too Faced Glitter Insurance
* Meow Cosmetics "Endless Nights" (Joys of Summer Seasonal Collection)
* Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow "Tako"


1. Prime your lid.
2. Pat some glitter insurance to the lid so that you live the outer half without.
3. With a flat stiff brush apply thin leyer of the grey color to the center of your lid (on top of the glitter insurance). NOT in the crease.
4. Take "Endless Nights" and pat it everywhere you had that glitter insurance (also on top of the grey shadow)
5. Take either fluffy dome shaped blending brush or a stiff dome crease brush and add the grey color to the outer-v and slightly to the crease.
6. With a blending brush and the medium brown eyeshadow, blend the grey color. (softens it little bit.)
7. Swipe your white color to the teardot and to the brow bones highest part as a highlight.
8. Line the lower lashline with the medium brown shadow. (optional.)
9. Line your waterlines with a black kohl pencil (optional.)
(10. I almost always do the winged liner with the liquid liner.)
11. Add mascara.

DONE. :)


Hope this wasn't total dissapointment :'DD
(If this was 'short' post... I wonder, what is long post.... O.O)

Night night! :))
(haha 'Endless Nights'...)

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  1. Good luck! Gray-brown is an interesting combo, would never have thought of putting them together!!