School Result...

"Endless Nights"

Two months ago I applied to cosmetology school and on top of that to over 7 more schools.
I went thorough entrance exams, info evenings and lastly the interview which was the most important step. I had to deal with great amount of stress.

As I received the invitation to the interview of the cosmetology education, I was already then over the moon just 'cause I haven't been in a school for a year now as I failed the university exams last summer.

Last thursday I got the results from the cosmetology school and....


I scored 8/10! :D
They didn't care about my poor math skills, it surely was my personality that was more important!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! (Oh really?? Couldn't tell...)

Let the journey begin. :)
Only downside is that I have to wait till August the schools to start! >_<

Dreams do come true.
It has been long time since I was this proud of myself. :))


"Your career starts here, but your Makeup artist's career has surely started already." <--- Hearing this was a huge honour for me, so thank you.

Thank you for ALL of those who has supported me and who will support me in the future! :) <3

- Lil' Rin -

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