Autumn; The Second Spring

~Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.~
I love Autumn! I was born in spring, but in a way I feel like I'm Autumn child.
I actually don't even know excatly why I like autumn so much... huh, weird - I just enjoy it (even if I get 'depressed' 'cause it gets so dark in the fall -.-) . :D
Sometimes when I see a big pile of fallen, colorful leaves I got this sudden urge to jup to the pile like a little child... But I won't... 'cause people would think I'm totally crazy. hmph! ;(
*sigh* No leaf piles for me.
Instead I suffocated my childish urges by doing a fallen leaves inspired MU-look :)
Hope you like it, I worked really hard for this!

And don't forget to vote the look here:
~Autumn Spirit~
To create this look I used:
* Inglot eyeprimer
* Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
*MUG "Chickadee"
*MUG "Yellow Brick Road"
*MUG "Mandarine"
*MUG "Razzleberry"
*MUG "Fuji"
*MUG "Corrupt"
*BH Cosmetics 120 palette, 2nd edition
*Sugarpill Cosmetics "Goldilux" (Chromalust Loose Shadow)
*MUG Gel Liner "Immortal"
*Red Cherry Lashes #600
*Fusion Of Color Cosmetics Blush "Hambug"
Thank you for reading! :)


Skin Types

Hiiiii :))

As I told in a previous post, I'm going to write about skin types, since I was so long clueless about my own skin type. 'Cause I didn't know the 'needs' of my skin, I most likely treted it in a wrong way. There must be other people also who are struggling with this same DILEMMA, so hopefully this post helps to determine your skin type and the right ways to take care of it. :)
For now I'm only listing the skin types and I talk about the right care in the next post. :)

There are 4 different skin types:
Dry skin
Oily skin
Combination skin
Well.... First of all, in my opinion every skin type is NORMAL. There aren't right and wrong - its not abnormal to have oily skin or dry skin! :DD You know what I'm trying to say?
Secondly: Every one of these skin types can also be SENSITIVE, but there aren't a skin type that's only sensitive.
How to determine your skin type:
* Look - take a mirror and look what your skin looks like
*Feel - touch your face. But with CLEAN hands! :D
^ These are the things we cosmeticians do also when we determine the skin type of the client. We look the skin, touch the skin. (also we ask questions but only so that we know what the client thinks about her/his skin.)
Now that we are looking our beautiful face from the mirror, we have to know what we are looking for. :P
Normal skin:
* It is Not oily nor dry
* Pores are normal size (those are the small 'holes' you can see <--- with normal skin you most likely don't see them easily)
* The skin is soft and smooth
* Hydration is normal (pull your eyelid gently and if it bounces back immediately, you have good hydration.)
* Color: Good, 'rosy' (not pale or ashy)
* Blood circulation good (you blush easily)
NOTE: There can be some blemishes or blackheads even if the skin is normal.
Dry skin:
*Feels dry and bristly
* Pores are almost too tiny to see
* The skin can feel thin (mostly older).
* Can feel like it's cracking. 
* Is smooth (with younger)
* No blemishes or blackheads
* Hydration is poor
* Color: Good or some cases pale
* Blood circulation can be poor (with older)
* Can be sensitive or irritates easily
Oily skin:
* Feels oily
* Looks oily (shines)
* Thick skin structure
* Pores are big
* Hydration can be either normal, poor or increased
*Color: yellow-ish, grey-ish. No transparent effect
* Blood circulation: Normal
* Blemishes, blackheads
Now, I have to say this. If you have oily skin, don't worry or be sad! Usually those who have oily skin as a teen, have lot better skin as a adult than same aged person! :D
It may sound unfair, but that's just how it is! :D
Combination skin:
This skin type is really common and hard to explain with just these '*'-marks.
* Can be a mixture of different skin type: eg. oily skin + normal skin: Dry skin + oily skin.
* Common combination: Oily t-zone + normal cheeks
With this skin type you have to just se if there are something from the dry skin and something from some other skin type. I know that some say that combination skin is oily t-zone and normal cheeks, but that's not the only one and right combination!

Eg. If you have oily cheeks, but dry forehead and nose - you still are a Combo skin! :D
For myself I'm a combination skin (oily t-zone + normal/dry cheeks): 
*Big/Normal pore in the forehead, nose, chin
* Tiny pore in the cheek area
* Blackheads on the nose area
* Color: pale
* My t-zone shines during the day (e.g your foundation feels like it doesn't stay on place)
* My cheeks are normal (summer), but in the winter they dry
* Isn't sensitive
* Hydration is good
Hope this was even little helpfull! I tried to make this as clear as possible.
If you have any conserns, don't be afraid to contact me, I'm more than happy to help! :))
I'll be back soon, have a great day! <3


Mixed Things

Hi evereyone,
I know I have been quite lately, I have so much stuff going on in my life right now. I can tell you something, but there are actually a... well I don't know is it really a 'big' problem - for me at least it is - and aout that I'm not rady to talk now (or even never).
I have a friend who's extremely supporting in this matter, so THANK YOU for being there for me! <3
Also the school has been keeping me away from the computer lately. There aren't much 'homework' since we are already technically working in the school as a cosmetologists (I didn't write that right, did I? haha :D), but I'm almost everyday freakishly tired after school. (Maybe also 'cause the worries, but anyway.)
Here you can see a 'facial care card'. We have now a facial care in school. This card is something we always fill before doing any facials. For example: we have to determine how big pores the clients has, is there blackheads (comedos) or is the skin sensitive. (there are more than only those.)
All of these questions help us to know if the client has normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin.
And as you can quess, when we know the skin type, we can choose the best products for it.
Lets say we have a client that has dry skin. We then choose to use products that are meant to add hydration in the skin. :) It would be no use to use oily skin products for dry skin - there are ingredients that dries the skin in the oily skin products. This way the skin would dry out even more! :D
This is why it would be really helpfull for all of us to really recognize what is our skin type. So that we can take care of it right way.
Sooooo, I've decided to help you little bit with that matter. I will do a post soon where I:

* Tell you about different skin types.
* Help you to recognize some typical features of each skin type.
* Tell little bit how to trat each skin type.
Sounds  good? :)) I wanted to do this, 'cause I have had a problematic skin and it was a pain to take care of it 'cause I really didn't know was I a combination skin or a oily skin - so I can emphatize if someone's having frustrations!! x)
But about that later. Here's a another dark makeup!! :D

I'm so sorry! I don't remember the products I used! xDD I have such a short memory these days!
Last but not least, I colored and cut my hair last weekend. :)))
Isn't it nice color? :P Me likey! (Even if I'm saying it myself.) I'm going to stay with reddish colors.
For those who didn't knew, I use to have pitch black hair. I was black haired until the spring 2012. ;)
I didn't want to invest money to the hair salon so I did my hair (coloring and cut) by myself. xD
DO NOT ABUSE YOUR HAIR LIKE I DID HAHA! <--- it looked like I was killing my hair. :'DD
But don't worry, I have REEEEEALLY thick hair, so it wasn't a bid deal even if I don't have a hair stylists way of cutting hair.
Oh, and my hair is healthy and shiny so no damages :D They way I cut it, just looked really brutal (from the point of my precious hair.... buhahaha xD)
That's all fror now. This post is a... chaotic mess of everything I have in my head right now - a word vomit!!!! hahaha.
Good day my lovies! :))
.... Need to go sleep... and it's only 4 pm. :DD


Holiday Makeup Trial

Hello beautiful readers!
My new friend and a classmate of mine asked if I could do her new years eve makeup. Well... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :P
She wants a super, hyper party look with a BLACK/DARK shadow. I haven't done anything super dark for a while, so I decided to practise and this is a TRIAL 1 I came up with the party look in my mind:
* Inglot Eyeprimer
*MAC Blitz & Glitz Gel Liner (base for the black)
* Makeup Geek e/s "Shimma Shimma"
*Makeup Geek e/s "Corrupt"
*Makeup Geek e/s "Last Dance"
*Too Faced Glitter Insurance
*Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow "Stella"
*Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow "Magpie"
Personally I felt little bit odd with this dark makeup. My eyes looked so much smaller :DD
That's why I tried to use much light color in the inner corners.
For the end of the text, here's a close-up. :)
Like this 'cause the STELLA loose shadow/Glitter is showing beautifully. <3
(Those of who have used Sugarpill Loose Shadows, know that thy are so gorgeous, but tricky to photograph.)
Hope you liked it! Feel free to leave a comment or write a e-mail, if you have questions! (Or requests or etc. :))


Fusion of Color: Romance

Hello all of you!

How have you been? :)))

I have had the greatest 5 days!!! 5 best school days yet! High school isn't anything compared to this? I LOVE MY SCHOOL, MY CLASS... EVERYTHING! <3 :DD

Honestly, I have such a wonderful classmates - they are as dedicated as I am and I really feel like I'm in home when I'm in school. That's something I never would have thought (I couldn't have quessed I would enjoy being in school).
At fisrt I was terrified as I saw I have 8-9 hour days in school, but now... It feels like I have only few hours. And the end of the day (even if I'm tired and hungry) I'm quite dissapointed that I have to go home. haha xDD

I'm vey sleepy right now, I should go to bed since I have to wake up early tomorrow, but I'm showing a look that I did today with FUSION OF COLOR COSMETICS (Thank you Makeup Junkie Nikki for recommending!)


* Inglot Eye primer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil (Milk)
* Fusion of Color Cosmetics "Romance" (Lid)
* MUG "Homecoming"
* MUG "Goddes"
* MUG "Corrupt"
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25
*Maybeline Colossal Mascara (waterproof)
* Meow Cosmetics Blush "Cat in Situation"

In the picture above, my hair looks so brunette, but I don't know why 'cause it's really quite light right now. Light and almost coppery brown (but only faded haha :D)
I will do some looks this weekend, so stay tune! :)))
Take care!



Tomorrow it finally starts!!!!! The SCHOOL!
I have honestly waited this day so long, over a year and I'm not kidding at all. 
If i haven't already told, a year ago I did applied to university, but failed the tests miserably. 

In here it requires both good grades in your graduation exams AND high points in the Uni. entrance exams to get in. Also in the university of applied sciences you have to have good grades and on top of that you have to attend a psychological tests (usually meaning that they interview you and tries to determine what are your interests and your motivation for the education you are applying).

Haha, kind of missed the point here now, but just wanted to tell what kind of education system we have. :D 


As I was a year without any education, I started to re-think my choices. What I really want. What I want to do for a living. In what I'm good at. 
Those kind of questions.
I actually started to show some interest towards beauty education as someone suddenly told me; "You're good at all the hair and cosmetic stuff, wouldn't it be fun to study that?"
It clicked then at the first time.
"I'm going to apply to cosmetician school!" :D
So I'm not sad at all that I didn't get to the school at the first try. 'Cause if i did, it may be that I would be now studying in the Uni. studying something that really wasn't my calling. It may be that I would have felt really empty then.... 
AND I wouldn't be here writing this blog either!! :DDD


So now you know how I ended up to this 'path' where I'm now. (also that I have done makeups only for a year now haha xD)

I have yet a long road ahead, but I'm looking forward this journey. And as we know, the beauty industry is all about learning, there's always some tricks you can learn. 
You never stop learning. 


For the end of this blog text, here's a picture of me in my work outfit. :) (I look tired... have had little bit worries. :D)

As I told you before, I won't be able to do looks everyday when school starts, but I will do looks, don't be afraid! I have really long days. (like from 8.15am to 4pm + driving home takes hour because of rush hour).
I already know we will start with the facial skin care. Yay! So exciting. :))))

Talk to you soon! BYE!! <3  



It's time for a step by step tutorial! This time it's the "Tribal"- look I did few weeks ago. :)
Hope you enjoy!

* Inglot Eye Primer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
* Meow Cosmetics "Tribal" (Lost Rainforest collection)
* Makeup Geek "Shimma Shimma"
* Makeup Geek "Corrupt"
* Makeup Geek "Last Dance"
* Makeup Geek "Vanilla Bean"
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25
Start by priming your eye with a regular primer. This prevents the NYX jumbo pencil from creasing:

Then apply the white sticky base (Nyx Jumbo pencil) to the center of your lid and also to the highest point of your brow arche if you wish:

Take the "TRIBAL" (Meow cosmetics) and and it with the flat stiff brush to your whole lid area:

Next I did my highlights with MUG "Vanilla Bean" (matte white) to the browbone and to the inner pocket of my eye. This step also prevents the darker shades to be so harsh:

Then pat your shimmery ivory color (MUG "Shimma Shimma") on top of the "Tribal". Stay only on the center of the lid:

With MUG's "Last Dance I darkened my crease like this:

With a matte black shadow (MUG "Corrupt") darken the outer part of your eye. Remember to blend well:

Then I did my liner:

Add mascara and your good to go:

OR if you have bigger eyes, you also can do your lower lashline. I have such a small eyes, I usually leave the lower lid empty:

I wish you all a happy day! :))

BTW!! My school starts next week! :) I already have my cosmetician outfit, but they sent me wrong colored shoes. xD
I got black shoes even if I ordered white. haha :D Oh well, I hope they sent the right shoes before I need them. I was little annoyed, 'cause everything else fitted me perfectly, but then the damn shoes were wrong. >_<
Also little bit my fault, if I don't get the shoes soon enough, I should have bought the stuff earlier (but I didn't knew!!!! <--- my poor explination) :P


EOTD: Tribal (with Meow Cosmetics)

Hello hello hello all the beautiful people! :D
Here's what I did today. I wanted to do something day a propier with neutral shades, so this is what I came up with ;)

Tribal (with Meow Cosmetics)

I'm going to do a step-by-step tutorial for this one, so I'm not going to do any verbal instructions just now. :)

But here's the product list:

* Inglot Foundation Base
* Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation (Chausie, 1 - sleek)
* Meow Cosmetics Tinted Glow Powder in "Topaz"



* Inglot Eye Primer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
* Meow Cosmetics "Tribal" (Lost Rainforest collection)
* Makeup Geek "Shimma Shimma"
* Makeup Geek "Corrupt"
* Makeup Geek "Last Dance"
* Makeup Geek "Vanilla Bean"
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25
* Maybeline Colossal mascara (waterproof)



LOTD: Easy Summer Look

It was soooooo sunny and bright today (what a miracle!!! it has been really dull, rainy summer here in Finland). I decided to do something really easy with using only couple of shadows, but something that would still be SHINY unde the sun! ;P 

Plus the yellow toned shade compliments my blue eyes. ;)
(hopefully the color is showing on your screens. Tried my best photographing it.)

Here's the products I used;
* Inglot eye primer + NYX Jumbo pencil "Milk"

* Meow Cosmetics "Sleeping Naked" (Joys of Summer collection) all over the lid. (Little bit yellow toned, shimmery color.

* MUG "Shimma Shimma" on the teardot and the 1/3 of the inner lid.

* Sugarpill "Tako" as a highlight color under the highest point of the browbone

(* Plus my typical liner with Inglot's liquid liner #25)

* On the Cheeks; Meow Cosmetics Glow powder in "Phantoma" (I think it's from the "Lost Rainforest" Seasonal collection) - apricot/melon shade with pink iridescence.

Hope you like it! (Don't mind that my skin looks so pasty in the closeups.)
Have a sunny day!!!! <3 :)

Vero + tulli (FINNISH READERS)

Heippa hei!

Niille, jotka ovat kyselleet tulleista ja veroista tilattaessa ulkomailta kosmetiikkaa, sain juuri eilen uutta tietoa!!!!

EU:n sisällä;


EU:n ulkopuolella;

* VERO YLI 43,45 € maksavista tilauksista (mukaan luettu posti/kuljetusmaksu) <---- 23% arvonlisävero

Muistakaahan tämä nyt sitten kun tilaatte EU:n ulkopuolelta. :)
Ja tämä siis koskee juuri kosmetiikkaa! Vaatteissa ja kirjoissa on esimerkiksi erilainen veroprosentti.


Nostradamus Smokey Eye

Nostradamus Smokey Eye;











DONE! :)


You Are Beautiful

Haha, I just had to share this photo.

By any means, I'm not trying to sound selfish, but my skin looks so flawless!!!! My skin has always been really bad, I have some acne scarring and only now it has been in such a condition that I don't have to be ashamed of my facial skin. (Let's face it, bad skin can make one insecure.)

As a background info, I went thorough some facial treatments and tried different products (also ones that you can only have if you go to see doctor), but nothing was THE ONE for me.


I mean, my face has been looking like this for a while now, but I was still really surprised as I saw the picture. The pose is horrible, but I can't stop staring at my cheek! xDDD
I SWEAR I HAVEN'T DONE ANY PHOTOSHOPPING FOR MY SKIN! You can even see my eye wrinkles and some spots on my forehead (not to mention my nose). There's no that plastic feel, you know. :DD


Yesterday I took my foundation off , but let only mascara on. Little bit later I walked pass the mirror and was like: "Do I still have my makeup on???" :DDD And I meant the FOUNDATION!
It was so weird situation for me, 'cause something like year ago I couldn't stand to look at myself from the mirror without foundation and now I went out wearing only mascara....


Yeah, the thing I said not being able to look at myself from the mirror... it's sad, I know. :/
I was terribly insecure and also shy because of my skin problems. I mean, I'm naturally shy, but at this point I was overly scared someone would judge me or something.
And I KNOW, it's silly! :)
I have built up my confidence since these 'bad days', but still I have those unsure moments time to time.
Having said that, these unsure moments are now even more silly and so unnecessary, 'cause if I have e.g really dry lips or a red mark on my face, I can crack to think these stupid "what if" questions. (they are so stupid, I won't even mention any). 
I don't know, these are the things I have been living with for too long. For too long I felt unsure about myself.
I feel kind of awful to say this, but it took lot of guts for me to apply to the Cosmetician school and to the beauty industry, because I actually at some point had thought that I'm not good enough for the beauty industry. I'm not beautiful enough...
Argh, I can't believe I felt that way. :(
Couple weeks ago this one person said to me; "You are beautiful. Even without makeup."
(Made me very happy, but I don't think the person even relizes how happy, 'cause I... never told anyone how I felt.)
This post started as a meaningless mumble, but now I really want to say to you all;
You are all beautiful. Nobody is perfect - flaws make us human beings.
.... I'm now crying here as I write this.
I don't beg your pity - I never did since I never spoke to anyone...
So please don't feel too bad for me, I don't want to upset you.
I'm now stronger person, I feel like I have beat my demons - I survived.
But if there's anyone that have same kind of feelings, feel free to write to me if you want. :)
(I could write many pages from this subject, but I won't... and my brains are scrumble right now, 'cause it's sooooo late again! :'D)
Wish a happy and beautiful day to you all! <3

btw, I'm starting to be better at filling my brows! ;)
(They are reallyhard to define, since I have that Finnish hair/brow color.... ash blond. On top of that my brows are really thin and almost rounded shape. Yes, I'm stereotypical Finnish person; golden blond hair and sparkly blue eyes. hahah xD)


Why So Serious?

Okay, yesterday my brother suggested (insisted) I should do a Joker makeup for him. I said I wouldn't do it until I have some scarring liquid or latex so that I can do... well scars. But.... Then I got bored today and do it anyway. -.-'

I'm not completely satisfied how this end up to be, but it was first attempt and I'm doing this again when I have scarring equipment.

Here's the Joker makeup;

I worked almost hour and a half wih this. My brothers eyes are super TEARY!!!! ARGH!!! ;(
He wanted to wipe his eyes constatly and I was like: "DOOOOON'T RUIN MY MASTERPIECE!!" ;D
Bro could have had more expressions for pictures, but........... maybe I can live with this since I'm not the most photogenic person in the world either.


* Illamasqua white skin base foundation
* Makeup Geek e/s "Corrupt"
* Makeup Geek e/s "Bitten"
* Mac Fluidline "Blitz and Glitz"
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition (dark purple, and mid brown)
* Random eyeliner
* Random red lipstick


I Got Bruised

Now everybody, untill you freak out; I'M REALLY FINE! Hopefully the headline didn't scare anybody. : D


As some of you know, I'm currently a Cosmetician student, but my other goal is to enter the MUFE (Make up for ever) academy at some point as I have graduated. I'm really into all of the dramatic photoshoot makeups and SPECIAL EFFECTS... I just have to get the money also for the academy...... Well that's the problem for later. :D


Here are some bruises that I did. Now don't be too critical, 'cause first of all these are my very FÍRST bruises I have done ever. And on top of that I don't have ANY professional products. Meaning like a cream based products specially made for creating bruises and etc.

All of these have been done with using a eyeshadows and some liquid blush. (Mainly the BH Cosmetics 120 palette.)

This is a first bruise I have ever made. It's too symmetrical and maybe too purple also. :D

My second bruise I made to my brother. It's also too symmetrical, but hey!! His FB friends were asking what the hell had happened to him, so it must be good! haha :D

And last but not least, the bruise I made for myself. ^_^
I tried to look my real bruises so that I can try to copy the color, but It didn't work so well... All of my real bruises were so small and... old (brown and yellow). Although now that I think of it... I rarely have those kind of 'fresh', purple/blue bruises! :O
Have to practise yet! And also it would be nice to have proper equipment for special effects. :) 


Stay safe! Don't bruise yourself!!!! :)))

Feel free to leave comment or e-mail to me!
Remember to subsrcibe, if you're not already doing so! :)


Sugar Overdose + Instructions

This is basically the same makeup look as in the previous post, but I have now better pictures of it! :)

~ Sugar Overdose ~

1. Prime your eye
2. Apply a white base (NYX jumbo pencil "Milk")
3. With dome shaped blending brush apply soft pink shadow to your crease (MUG "Cupcake")
4. Soften the pink with a lighter peach color (Meow cosmetics "Warm & Fuzzy" BLUSH)
5. Darken the inner part of your crease with a purple (BH cosmetics 120 palette)
6. Pat the teal color to the center of your lid (STC "Sugar Rush" + Inglot Duraline)
7. Blend the teal carefully into the purple.
8. Line lower lashline with the mix of the purple and pink.
9. Add your browbone highlight color (Sugarpill "Tako")
10. Line the lower waterline with white.
11. Set the white liner with a white shadow ("Tako")
12. Line the upper lashline with the black liquid liner/Gel liner (Inglot liquid liner #25)
13. Set the liquid liner with a black shadow (MUG "Corrupt)
14. Add little bit black to the outer-v area and to the lower lashline.
15. Mascara
16. False lashes (Ardell "Sexies")
(17. MUG "Cupcake" as a blush)

And you have Sugar Overdose! :D

***Vote this look HERE***

See you all soon! ^_^


Too Much SUGAR!!!

Hi hi hi! I'm so hyperactive right now, slept only 5 hours! hahahah :DDDDD
Feeling like I'm having a SUGAR RUSH!
And speaking of Sugar Rush, here's a look dne with SWEET TREAT COSMETICS "SUGAR RUSH"! <3


PLEASE DON'T MIND ABOUT MY FREAKY GLOWY SKIN! :DD My camera really didn't want to co-operate with me so I didn't get close-up photos. I hope this is enough. :)

~ Sugar Overdose ~

1. Prime your eye
2. Apply a white base (NYX jumbo pencil "Milk")
3. With dome shaped blending brush apply soft pink shadow to your crease (MUG "Cupcake")
4. Soften the pink with a lighter peach color (Meow cosmetics "Warm & Fuzzy" BLUSH)
5. Darken the inner part of your crease with a purple (BH cosmetics 120 palette)
6. Pat the teal color to the center of your lid (STC "Sugar Rush" + Inglot Duraline)
7. Blend the teal carefully into the purple.
8. Line lower lashline with the mix of the purple and pink.
9. Add your browbone highlight color (Sugarpill "Tako")
10. Line the lower waterline with white.
11. Set the white liner with a white shadow ("Tako")
12. Line the upper lashline with the black liquid liner/Gel liner (Inglot liquid liner #25)
13. Set the liquid liner with a black shadow (MUG "Corrupt)
14. Add little bit black to the outer-v area and to the lower lashline.
15. Mascara
16. False lashes (Ardell "Sexies")
(17. MUG "Cupcake" as a blush)

Don't eat too much sugar! ;D




Midsummer Night

Hi! ^_^

Midsummer is kind of big thing here in Finland... I don't even know why (???), but anyway we celebrate it : DD So this look was kind of inspired by Midsummer nights. :)


Now I made this already over week ago so I don't remember specific products, but I list everything I can remember.


* Mufe HD Foundation
* Meow Cosmetics Tinted Glow Powder "Topaz"


* Inglot primer
* Nyx Jumbo pencil "Milk"
* Sweet Treat Cosmetics "Sugar Rush" (LOVE!!!)
* Meow Cosmetics "Midnight Sun" (Joys of Summer collection)
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition (dark blue and light teal)
* Too faced Glitter Insurance
* Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow "Tako"
* Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow "Tiara"
* Makeup Geek Eyeshadow "Corrupt"
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25


I think that was all. Haha : DD I kind of just messed different colors together and didn't even look what was I using. x)
Because I have blue eyes, this looks really icy on me, don't you think?
And on top of that I have so pasty face! xDDD 


I have been lately quite distracted by different matters, so I haven't done makeups so regularly than'normally'. I try to catch up in the next week!
Also I ask to understand that the time I start at the school, I'll not be able to do makeup looks everyday - maybe weekends and if I have day off from school. :)


Hope you all are doing well! <3
Remember to check my Makeup Geek Idea Gallery and vote for me if you like! :))