Bright Envy (Look of the Day) + Instructions

Hi everybody, here's the look of the day! :) (Was the time already, I haven't done anything for a while -.-')


* NYX Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
* Makeup Geek e/s "Yellow Brick Road" (Shimmery Yellow)* Makeup Geek e/s "Mandarine" (Shimmery orange)
* Makeup Geek e/s "Envy" (Forest green)
* Makeup Geek e/s "Corrupt" (Black)
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette (2nd edition) (Light green) 
* Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow "Tako"
* Black pencil liner
* Black Liquid liner (Inglot #25)


* 1 yellow
* 1 orange
* 2 shades of green: light one and dark one
* Highlight color of your choice (white or your skintone)


Sorry, they are dirty 'cause I used them O.O
* Small dome shaped brush or pencil brush
* Blending brush (dome)
* Flat stiff brush


Numbers indicate the places of each eyeshadow color, not the adding order.

1. Add your base (mine was white base)
2. Pat the yellow all over your lid with flat stiff brush

3. *Feather the orange partly to the inner part of your eye with the same flat stiff brush or with the small dome brush if the other brush is too big. (*feather = do small sideway strokes <--- in this case towards outer corner of your eye.)

4. Take the small dome brush and add some light green shadow to your outer-v are.
5. With the same brush blend the green you just added lightly towards your browbone.
6. Add the dark green shadow of your choice on top of the light 
green and blend with small strokes towards the orange. (Small dome brush or pencil brush)

7. Blend the harsh edges with a blending brush.
8. With pencil brush, line your lower lashline with the dark green.
9. With the lighter green, go on top of that dark green shadow you just added to your lower lashline. 
10. Add your highlight color to your browbone's highest part.
11. Line your lower waterline with black pencil liner or gel liner
(12. Line the upper lashline with black, winged liner + set it with black shadow)
13. Mascara

Bright Envy is DONE!!!! :)

Hope you liked it Lil' Readers! :)
See ya soon!


Tutorial; "Out of Coffin"


I was requested to do a tutorial out from this look;

"Out Of Coffin" Charlaine Harris Inspired
“Ever since vampires came out of the coffin (as they laughingly put it) four years ago, I’d hoped one would come to Bon Temps. – -
I knew immediately what he was. – - his skin had a little glow, and I just knew.”

Unfortunately I wasn't so sure about doing a step-by-step tutorial since I made this while ago. I wasn't sure what products I used etc.
But I do my best to give verbal instrucions. :)



* MUG "Last Dance" (Plum-ish brown)
* MUG "Corrupt" (Black)
* Meow Cosmetics "Sand Dune" from Egyptian Treasures collection (Gold)
* Inglot liquid liner #25
* White pencil liner (Inglot)
* NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" 
* Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in "Tako" (White)


1. Prime your eye with regular eyeprimer (no white)
2. Take a small brush (eg. pencil brush.) ----> Add the "Last Dance" to the outer corner of your eye and drag it towards your brow.
3. Line the lower lashline with the "Last Dance" also.
4. Take your highlight color (white) and place it to the browbone's highest point.
5. Add a sticky white base to the part of your lid where you don't have any eyeshadow yet.
6. Pat the golden color over the white base you just added ---> blend towards the plum-ish brown color.
7. Soften the edges with fluffy blending brush.
8. Make a winged lin with black liquid liner.
9. Line your lower waterline with white (or leave without)
10. Apply mascara.

DONE! :)
('Love' it in HERE)

Although I didn't manage to take step-by-step picture, I did re-create this today....

"Out of Coffin"
No balck background or scary eyes :D


Goldwell StyleSign Straight




* Straightning gel
* For wavy or curly hair
* Helps naturally curly hair to staright more easily
* Will make the hair more straight after blow dry
* Smells really mildly

HOW TO USE; Spead the gel to towel dry hair and blow dry with a big paddle bursh. (Aproximately 4 pumps of the product if you have the full size package.)


LIKEY LIKE LIKE! I NEED this as a full size product, 'cause it really makes the naturally curly hair straight more easily. And that's not all ---> If I blow dry my hair without this, it will be really frizzy (like steel wool O.O).
This product makes the hair look and feel smooth, specially if you have got used to that frizzy look.
This DOESN'T make the hair entirely straight, it isn't meant to do that. I find that as a good thing, 'cause I don't necessarily want that all flat look.

I use ONLY the FLAT MARVEL if I want my hair to be sleek and non-frizzy, but not all straight. :3

I really tried, but I can't find any negatives out of this products :'D




* Spray
* Contains no water
* For every hair texture
* Heat protection
* 50 % less hair snaps.
* Together with "HOT FORM" or "FLAT MARVEL" 80 % less hair snaps.
* Result; "Silky, smooth, gently straightend hair"

HOW TO USE; Spray at least  10 pumps into every hair section before using flat iron. (Dry hair)


Well, it's a heat protection... I honestly don't notice any huge differences between this and other heat/straighning sprays. :S

* Worked well
* The result was what the package claimed
* Liked that the product is really fine mist (not a heavy liquid like some)
* 10-20 pumps to every hair section is lot of product if you have thick hair (but the prize if you want REALLY straight hair.)
* Lightweighted

Even though I wans't THAT impressed, I think I will stick to this product ---- > The smell of this was much more pleasant than in my other heat protections! (And as some of you know, the SMELL of the product is important thing to me since I'm a headache prone person.)

OH! This didn't make my hair look dirty!!!!! <--- Some heat protectors can do that.

(I don't know any prices.)  

Has someone else used these? If so,  what was your thoughts? Specially from the SLEEK PERFECTION.
( I think I have to take some comparison pictures of the FLAT MARVEL product. xD)

Goldwell Present

Hi everybody! Hope you have a great day! :))

Haha, so I said I didn't get any cosmetic/beauty products for my birthday... Spoke too soon. x)
I have a friend who's a teacher in a hairdresser/barber/hair styling school. And as I saw her today, she gave me hand full of amazing hair products from Goldwell as my birthday present! <3 (Btw, she has the cutest daughter ever! >_< <3 <3 <3)

 At least in here (Finland) these Goldwell products are sold only by professional barber shops.

From left to right: PRO straighning products (sample sizes), ghd Style Curl spray, 3 types of products from the "Sun Reflects" collection.

I will introduce the products later more detailed, as soon as I have tried them. :)

These straighning products I have already used earlier. (See the next blogpost.)

That's everuthing for now! :))


Year Older

Well, well TODAY is my birthday, for real this time :D


This is going to be a short posting, 'cause I have university entrance exams today... :( Boohoo. But guess what I got for my birthday?

NOT makeup! :D hahaaa. I have never had makeup as a present, 'cause people really don't know what kind of  cosmetics I use. haha. Neither have I got any gift cards to cosmetics stores (I buy my makeup from overseas. And on top of that we don't have those amazing, popular cosmetic stores like SEPHORA!!!)

Presents from my family (I don't expect my friends to give anything :) Not a materialistic person.) ;

Thomas Sabo Dragonfly necklace :))))))))))
Love the Dragonfly necklace (I collect Sabo jewelry) <3 
Did you knew that dragonfly symbolizes eternity and the beginning of something new? :))

GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!! (in original English language and translated into Finnish)
I watched the TV-series of this for a little while, but last week I was 'cursing' by myself that I would love to READ the books, but I haven't found them from bookstores.  

How can it be that they where out of these every time I entered the store for six months, but when my mum goes there by accident: Oh look, in English AND in Finnish? :DDD O.O 

Oh! I really have to go now or I miss the bus!
Bye Lil' Readers and have a wonderful day! :) <3


Lush, Lush, Lush...

Hi Lil' Readers! Today is all about LUSH COSMETICS. 



- Lush or LUSH is a company that offers handmade FRESH cosmetics like soaps, face masks, oils, bath bombs, shampoos, skin care products... etc.  
- They use fruits, vegetables, essential oils, some synthetic ingredients, honey and beeswax in their products.
- They are strongly against animal testing and are relying on volunteer human  testing.
- Over 370 stores around the world
- They aim to be environment friendly ---> at least in here if you return the bag where they pack your products, they recycle it. 


- As far as I know and at least Lush says to be a cruelty free company. (Means that they don't test on animals and also their ingredient producer/importer doesn't do animal testing.) 
- Lush CAN be found from PETA's "Cruelty free list". :) 


- Lush is 100% VEGETARIAN (not sure what this means. Maybe 'cause they don't use ANIMAL FATS... yuck) 
- Partly VEGAN* - 'partly' 'cause some of their products have beeswax or honey in them. 
- VEGAN products are marked with a 'V' 

*Vegan = Vegan products don't have any animal based ingredients in them. 


I think among them who have heard from Lush, they are known from their handmade, fresh cosmetics, but also from their unusual and still 100% natural ingredients. 
I mean is there many companies that have a GRASS SHOWER GEL?? :DD (Read right, Lush has a shower gel that has grass in it - after a shower you probably smell like you have been rolling in a fresh moaned grass.... Hmmm, I like that smell actually, but don't know if I would like it on my skin. haha :D)


I'm myself also quite new to Lush, but I have tried couple of them face masks. 

This is a mask I received just yesterday. I wanted to try this already earlier, but they didn't have this in the store so I got "Cupcake" instead. (Cupcake face mask is specially for teenage skin, but anybody that likes smell of chocolate can use it of course! :) Cupcake surely smell and looks like creamy chocolate in container, but please don't taste it, it has clay in it! :D)


* Is made specially for 'problem skin' (sounds like me) 
* VEGETERIAN (not Vegan)
* 75g (it says in the container that there's enough product for 4 treatments, but for me the prevous one last longer)
* Refreshing
* Their best-selling face mask


* Garlic
* Honey
* Kaolin
* Fresh green grapes
* Eggs (from free chicken... is that right word? :D well everybody knows what I mean.) 
* Cornflour
* Glycerine
* Parfume 


- Take decent amount of products 
- Apply to the CLEAN face. (AVOID EYE AREA!) <--- just so that you look like a typical person who has a face mask :DD (you know, they don't move their mouth and for some reason all the little children always scare them :D) 
- Wait 5-10 minutes (so that the product doesn't completely dry)
- Rinse with warm water.

- Voila! Your skin should be refreshed :P



* All in all I like the policy of LUSH.
* Their unusual ingredients are forth of try (I think I'm going to try the grass gel at some point! :D)
* Products are affordable.
* Cruelty free is always a plus for me.
* Encourage their costumers to be environmental friendly (something I appreciate even if I'm not the most GREEN person out there). 


* Easy to use (daa.) 
* Natural ingredients (good thing) 
* Seems to really refresh your skin
* After use your skin seems to feel smooth. 
* This particular face mask has quite bad smell in it... (just my opinion, I'm sensitive to smells. and on top of that my previous face mask was "Cupcake" which smell chocolate.) But you get use to it. 
* There's some weird junks in the product :D (must be the grapes.)
* Do like it, but not my favorite so far because of the smell.
* Good value of money (9,95 e)
* If you collect 5 of these (empty) containers and return them to Lush store, they give you a new face mask in return. <3 (too bad that I can't find the old container)

Do I recommend?
- Ye, I do recommend trying Lush face masks, there are different masks from which to choose.

REMEMBER; Cause these face masks are FRESH they have a expiration date! You should use the whole products until it expires, 'cause it will start to get bad like every other fresh fruits and foods. 
KEEP IN COOL PLACE! (Refrigerator) In the Lush stores they also keep them in cool. 
For this same reason these masks aren't in sale in online stores. (In Finnish site they do sell "Cupcake" face mask, but they advice you to get it from the post immediately as it arrive, 'cause the product have been in warm place during the shipping.) 

Where to buy? 

(Just choose your country from the list. From the same site you can also find the actual Lush stores near you.)


As always feel free to leave comment or e-mail me to get more info! :) <3

Ahaha aaaaw >.<
picture from


Tutorial; Razzleberry Slushie

Now is time to do a SLUSHIE!

This look requires quite much blending - so be patient. :) In almost every step you need to keep adding those three shades of pink/red and play back and forth with them.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the zoomed pictures show the colors little weirdly, but I had to use them 'cause otherwise you couldn't see the places of the colors :)
(So forgive my bad photography day. Can I still defend myself by saying I'm still newbie with doing a tutorials? I mean this is just my 4th tutorial. :D.)


Let's start the SLUSHIE!

You will need;

1 Flat stiff brush
1 small stiff dome brush/ pencil brush
1 small brush for the lower lashline


* MUG "Razzleberry" (Red)
* MUG "Corrupt" (didn't use this in the original one) (Matte Black)
* Sugarpill "Tako" (Pure matte white)
* Sugarpill "Tiara" (silver)
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette (2nd edition) (light and medium pink)

(If you don't have these particular products, that's fine. Just use what you have. :))


PRIME. + Add a white base if you want (helps the colors show brightly)

Add your white color to the browbone. (Tako by Sugarpill) With this look the highlight color can be seen really well so don't worry if it seems too white.

Place your lightest pink to the crease like this with FLAT stiff brush. (notice how my color is drawn little bit up to the browbone area)

Take your medium pink (almost neon pink) and place it right under the light pink you just added.

Take your RED ("Razzleberry" by Makeup Geek) and place it into the crease also. AT LEAST in this point you have to start going back and forth with those three shades of red. (Meaning that you may want to add some more of that medium pink, maybe that light pink and then again the red... )

Carefully dap a sticky white base to the middle and inner lid.

TAP some silvery glitter/loose shadow ("Tiara" by Sugarpill) over the sticky base. We want that icy, frosty, Slushie feel ;)

We don't want that 'ice part' to be too white so really softly tap some of that medium pink/neon pink on top of that silver. (If you loose that silver too much, then add more and then again that pink. also keep adding that red into the crease, since you will loose some of it!)

Line the lower lahsline with the medium pink and then the outer half with the red ("Razzleberry")

Switch to your small STIFF DOME brush/Pencil brush and add some black to the outer V ("Corrupt" by Makeup Geek) ---> Blend inwards with a red on your brush.
Keep adding the pink and the red until the intensity is what you desire!!!

At this point I messed up the shape of my eyeshadow :DDDD (LOL!)

Black liquid liner to the upper lashline
Black pencil liner to the upper waterline
White pencil liner to the lower waterline
Add Mascara (after all of the shadows are ready). Clue some rhinestones and add MEGA shiny falsies! :D
Bad lightning in this photo, the reds for me at least seem too dull and dark...

And your Razzleberry Slushie is all done! :)

Number '3' is the one you would wanna see the most (look the picture above), so keep adding that thorough the whole process (I can't write 'process' :'D Did I write it right?)
Seriously what on earth happend to the red in this picture!!?!?!? :'DDDD So annoyed. Oh well, maybe I can live with that. :D


Maybe next time I take the step-by-step pictures right away so I don't have to do the look twice :D (and then the looks aren't also different from each other.)


Hopefully this was helpful and fun! :)
If you need more information, you can always contact me by e-mail or by comment! :))

If you liked RAZZLEBERRY SLUSHIE, Vote it in HERE <3 :)


Razzleberry Slushie

Hey, hey, hey! Here's what I did today :)

Slushie, slushie :3

I'm not even sure why, but I'm not completely pleased how this came up. :DDD Maybe because of the photography. So I'm sorry if the colors seems too bright - in my computer they're fine, but every screen is different. :)

I wont yack anymore, I just let the pictures speak for me :)

Razzleberry Slushie;

Here's the products;


* Mufe HD Foundation
* Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation - Chausie (Inquisitive) (Yes I used a foundation on top of the foundation...)
* Aromaleigh Mineral Cheek Blush in "Sakura"


* Inglot Eyeprimer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
* BH Cosmetics 2nd edition 120 Palette (2 pinks and 1 black)
* MUG "Razzleberry
* Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow "Tiara"
* Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow "Tako"
* Inglot Liquid liner #25
* Red Cherry lashes JB/CP


* Inglot #242

In this the "Razzleberry" shows little better. (I used it in the crease under two other pinks)
Makeup Geeks' "Razzleberry" is truly a unique color. It's a true, vibrant red with gold sparkles in it! It blends like a dream and feels really smooth. "Razzleberry" is so pigmented that when I first time took it into my brush (barely touched the shadow) I noticed there was already way too much color in my brush (a good surprise 'cause wiht some less pigmented shadows you almost need to rub the shadow to get decent amount of color!)
This time I only used it as a kind of a blending color with other pinks, but in the (near) future I will doo more looks with "Razzleberry". :))

That was that Lil' Readers! Hope you liked it! I had fun doing this. <3 :)
Let me know, if you want a tutorial! (Didn't take step-by-step photos now, 'cause I was spontaniously planning this while doing the look at the same time. <--- that style seems to work be better than detailed planning :D)
Razzleberry Slushie @Makeup Geek


Requested look; Wedding Guest

Hey, hey, hey!!! 

Feeling better ^_^

Today one of my friend asked, if I could give some eye makeup look ideas for her to use in a special event. It's going to be wedding (she's the guest)! :)) 

We're going to plan more tomorrow, but we kind of already decided that soft pink/purple look would be good. I took in consideration her dress. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do the look for her at the day of the wedding, but at least I give some application tips. :) 
So exciting! 

Here is something I already did to myself.

I'm not sure what is her everyday makeup style so I started with really soft look. I mean personally I'm not afraid of makeup and color, but a person who doesn't use normally use much makeup don't necessarily want anything too dramatic. :)  

Then I did the look little more edgy by adding some black to the outer corner.

Couple hours later I altered the look to suit my own style by doing the winged liner. (the purple seems little lighter in this 'cause I took the picture in a lighter room that the other ones. My camera setting were also bad in the previous pictures... :/) 

Short blog post today!
Thank you for reading Lil' Readers! <3


Peacock Liner

Here's my "Look of the day"; Peacock Liner! :)
I was feeling awfull (actually even worse than before), but I had this sudden URGE to do at least something simple. >.<
Can't help it. I must be really persistent person. :'D (or just dumb... O.o)


* Inglot eye primer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
* Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in "Vanilla Bean"
* Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in "Homecoming" (Again; GORGEOUS! <3)
* Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in "Peacock"

"Peacock" is a matte deep blue/teal.
It's really smooth and absolutely amazing color! Like it alot :)))

As I started to do makeups, I use to edit my eyes into green and brown to give the idea what the look would look like with other eyecolors too. Now I did the same thing!

Peacock Liner with my natural eye color. (blue)
With brown eyes.

Green eyes. (they are really hard to make)

As you can see, I'm wearing shadow on my lower lashline again! My eyes aren't teary anymore thanks to the eyedrops for dry eyes. :)

Hope you enjoyed it Lil' Readers! <3
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Show And Tell

Hi Lil' readers!

As I said in earlier posts, I tell you about the products I got in last week. (BH cosmetics, Makeup Geek).
And as I have said in my blogs' sidebar, the things I say about these products are 100% honest and my OWN opinions. I'm not paid to say anything and I will ever be! Please remember also that IF I say something LESS positive about the products, it doesn't mean that you should immediately think the same - there are lot of reasons why some products can be 'bad' for me but good for somebody other!

BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition 120 Palette:

Again I felt like I was the only one out there who didn't have some kind of 120 e/s palette :DDD
I'm not going to give any reasons WHY I bought this, 'cause isn't it obvious? I just WANTED it! :D
There are many companies that make these kind of palettes; Coastal Scents, Manly... and then there's of course replicas that aren't necessarily as good as the 'real' ones.

This is my first 120 palette so I can't tell if there are some differences between the different brands and their 120 palettes. I just decided to go with BH Cosmetics, 'cause it was affordable. :)

* Price 29,95 $ (but there is quite much sales now!! e.g 30% off)
* Relatively fast shipping (international shipping)
* Product was extremely well packed.
* The sleek, black palette seems sturdy, but I kept the cardboard in case of I have to move the palette.
* The shadows have a good pigmentation
* Lovely variety of colors and shades
* Blends well
* I haven't tried them all (obviously), but some of the shadows are nice and creamy (good blend ability) BUT...
* There is some shadow dust on top of the eyshadows after you have taken it to your brush (hopefully this made sense...). (Creamy eyeshadow = almost non-existed dust on top of the shadow). Despite that I haven't yet experienced any fallouts. :)  
* Some of the lightest colors (e.g the light pink and green) seems to have less pigmentation that the darker shades, so they do need a little bit more work effort - they seem frosty to me (the lighter colors).

Having said that some of the lighter colors seems to lack a pigmentation, I really don't mind at all 'cause I have the patient to pack more color if necessary. I have noticed that you can get the 'tricky' eyeshadows work amazingly if you just take the time to figure out the best way to use them. :) (I'll tell you more later about that matter.)

EVERY SHADOW NEEDS TO BE TREATED INDIVIDUALLY!! haha. :'D (talking like eyeshadows have fealings.)

Personally I'm using this palette as a 'back up' for my other products. (Meaning that I'm not using ONLY this one palette.) But if you are into colors and you just have started to do more makeups, this could be one of the good palette choices! (myself I fell like I should have bought this earlier :/)

If you need to ask more about the palette, you know how to contact me. :) (I may forgot something since I'm writing here a language that isn't my mother tongue. So questions can help to remember 'vital' points. ;)

120 eyeshadows in variety of bright colors.
BH Cosmetics you can buy HERE


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows; 

Before I say anything about the shadows, I want to thank you the MUG group for sending me these shadows! So thank you very much! <3 :) (They really kindly asked me, if I was interested to have some of their shadows. I think it's 'cause earlier they asked me to give some feedback from their site. :)) 

I received: 

* Yellow Brick Road
* Razzleberry
* Mandarine

* Peacock
* Mermaid
* Fuji
* Bitten
* Sensuous 
* Envy 

About MUG shadows: 

* Creamy 
* little or no 'dust' on top of the shadows
* Inexpensive (refill pan 5,99 $ or compact 7,99 $)
* High quality 
* High pigmentation (Their black shadow is so intense that you need to be careful with it :D) 
* Some really unique colors (e.g "Razzeleberry" and "Chickadee")
* Blends beautifully
* Smooth texture
* Lasts all day (with a primer of course) e.g my eye makeup last 10 hours (and maybe could have last more if I didn't wash it away).
* Don't crease or fade
+ The package where they come is cute! :'D <3 

I have to note that couple of their shadows seems to fall short with the pigmentation. Personally I got little frustrated with "Neptune" and "Yellow Brick Road", 'cause they both are beautiful, but I couldn't get the color show vibrantly. 
BUT as i said earlier with the BH cosmetics, I don't reckon that as a problem. I've already figured out how to treat "Neptune" and I'm determined to find out also how to use the "Yellow Brick Road" so that the color seems as gorgeous as it is in the pan! :) 
Also I think the shortage of the pigmentation in yellow shadow (Yellow Brick Road) can somehow be linked to the thing that yellow is a primary color (you can't mix other colors to get yellow) 

For me these are the best eyeshadows that I have tried so far. Just can't get over that fact. 
I'm not the kind of person who floats with the masses and can't say her own opinion - so I'm not saying this just 'cause 'everybody else thinks so too'. No, If these shadows are good or even best to me, then they are. Period. 

I'm sure these shadows are the first ones where I hit the pan, 'cause as soon as I got my first MUG shadows, I have used them almost in my every look. (and almost forgot every other pressed shadows) :D Simply Love them <3 (almost as much a I love mango ice cream mmm... <3 haha! No, I love MUG shadows more!!!!)

I'm not going to force you to believe me in any way, make your own decision and try yourself if you want. :))
(But still, forth of trying... and forth of every penny!!!)


Buy Makeup Geek shadows from HERE
Their swatches were so good, I decided not to do them again. What if we make the deal that you can see the colors in my looks, so I don't have to do those swatches? ;) 

Here are close-up from the shadows I received last week (not all of my MUGs):

MUG also has a 'Starter Kit' which includes great NEUTRAL colors! Their ' Color Expansion Kit' on the other hand has vibrant colors! :) (8 shadows in each kit) 

If you need more of my opinions about MUG eyeshadows, let me know, ask away! :) Also if you're interested in my MUST HAVE shadows or recommendations, don't be afraid to ask - I'm here to answer the questions, this is what I'm most likely going to do in the future (helping others with cosmetic products.) 

Thank you Lil' Readers! Hopefully it wasn't too long of a posting! :) 
Stay tune for new looks! <3

Jos olette kiinnostuneita ostamaan Makeup Geek tuotteita niin laittakaa ihmeessä meiliä mulle, jos tulee jotain kysyttävää! Jos esim. mietitte tullirajoja, kuljetuskustannuksia tai muita!! Ihan mitä vaan - jos yleensäkin harkitsette kosmetiikan tilaamisesta ulkomailta. Voin myös tiedustella teidän puolesta firmalta (Makeup Geekiltä tai muiltakin), mikäli itse en jo vastausta kysymykseenne tiedä! :)
Henkilökohtaisesti tilaan kosmetiikkaa ulkomailta enemmän kuin Suomesta, joten tiedän jo jos jotakin.
Eettisiin kysymyksiin yritän parhaani mukaan vastata myös (kaikki tietävät mitä tarkoitan, kun puhutaan kosmetiikasta). 

Näkemisiin! :))