Rant: Work vs. Freetime

I'm quite lazy... But that's only 'cause I'm also kind of a work-a-holic. And by work-a-holic I mean I get frustrated if I don't have anything to do at work time and I just have to sit there doing nothing. Get's me rally anxious.
I get the feeling I'm useless, if I don't do something all the time.

I'm not so crazy that I would think of work on my freetime also.... Oh wait a minute, I take that back, I do think of work things on my freetime.
BUT I would rather not think them!
It's just that as I'm on beauty industry, people come to ask beauty related things from me also on my freetime.

So as I have freetime I do use it by relaxing, loafing on the sofa, eating bad foods (REMEMBER YOUR VEGIES KIDS!! :D), watching movies under bfs' arm.
That makes me 'lazy'.
Lazy 'cause I'm really not lazy... if that made any sense in the world (quess not :D).

At the time I'm a _Lash Technician_ (Yes I have a sertificate, I'm not selftaught).

In the picture above, is one of my lovely clients. :) She has allready naturally long lashes, so we could add a lenght quite a bit.
On the picture she has lashes that are C-curl (so they are quite curvy ooh lalala ;)) in 9, 11, and 13mm lenghts.
Later we add also some 15mm lashes to the outer corners, but I don't have picture from them.
As I'm poor student, boohoo, I work at home (and in some cases I go to clients home).
My bf once said that it would be fun if he had a room where he could work, fix things (he's into cars and in my opinion it seems like he generally likes fixing things) and have basically  'garage' as his room - so that after he's ready to go to sleep he could only fall to the bed, not leaving the room.
It sounds great I admit, and fun. :D But I said that I wouldn't mix work and freetime.
At first it's fun.
But then all the work things starts to stress you right in the place where you shouldn't think of working your ass off.
I noticed and proofed this just recently as I had done yet another lashes to client and tried to go to sleep in the night.
I just couldn't.
All that I could see as I closed my eyes was doing lash extensions.
And as much as I love doing them, I hate that I can't sleep because of them! :(
I really like my sleep, I want to sleep!! Please?
Anyone that relates??? 

In a nutshell: I DON'T RECOMMEND LETTING WORK TO COME TO YOUR FREETIME. (Or it will soon come to your drems also... SOOOON xD)

For this same reason I'm afraid that makeup becomes something I don't want to do as a hobby 'cause I start to do it also in school this fall... I don't want it to feel like a job. :(
Meh, that's not going to happen! :D *Confident*

To the end another lash extension pic. :)
B- curls in 9 and 11mm lenght + C-curl in 7mm


Hair day

Hello everyone :) 

*sigh* I may have a really bad habit... As I'm upset or feeling down, I kind of tend to either color my hair or cut it. (Or I just get bored to the old color really quickly... Or both :D) 
And I know! It's not so healthy to color your hair radically many times in a row... So don't do it! :D 
At least I haven't bleach my hair entirely, I did it only once and it was in a salon and as I wanted to get rid of my black color. 

Well, I have been red head just recently, but now I wanted to get rid of the red color. I didn't want to do a bleaching. And if u didn't know, red is a difficult hair color: it doesn't stay vibrant long, but it's a pain in the bottom to try color it away. :D 
My only choice since I didn't want a bleaching was to color my hair with a cool brown color (to get the warmness of the red away) - I did this last time. 

Now I colored with golden brown (seems darker than it should be, cause the red is still affecting on the bottom). And the added little obre effect, but just to my lower layers. I'm quite pleased, even if the bleached part is little carrot! :D :) 

I sat under the bus shelter for almost on hour 'cause I was feeling down. 
The graffitti looks quite cool beside my blue sweater and pink earplugs, don't u think!? :D 

U may laugh at me, but I' actually planning on trying to do sone POKEMON  inspired makeup looks in near future. :P haha. 

See u <3



Sugarpills' pigment "Magpie"... Gorgeous deep, dark blue, glittery color I never manage to photograph properly. *sigh*
Flash, no Flash, natural light, no natural light, I have tried them all.
But I am determinded to keep trying.
Anyway here's a look featuring the "Magpie" pigment from Sugarpill. I have used it so little 'cause I feel I suck with blues and greens :( (Not to mention with glittery pigments which I tend to drop all over my face xD)

Products used in this look:

* Lime Crime eyeshadow base (sample)
* Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
* Makeup Geek e/s: "Corrupt" (Black), "Poolside" (Bright Blue with hint of gold)
* Sugarpill Loose Shadow "Magpie"
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition (2 shades of blue)
* Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed e/s "Tako" (White)
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25 (Black)
* Makeup Geek Gel Liner "Immortal" (Black)
* Maybeline Colossal Waterproof Mascara
The numbers indicate the place of the each color, not the order.

1. Apply your eyeshadow base. Or if you don't have any primer, use a thin coat of concealer.

2. Apply a white base (mainly to the center and inner corner of your lid). Mine was Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk", but you can also use white gel liner or white kohl pencil if you prefer.
3. Draw a cat eye shape with a black shadow and pencil brush towards your eyebrow. (You can use pieces of tape as your quideline to do this.)

4. Feather the blach shadow towards the middle section of your eye.

5. Take your dark blue pigment and pat that gently to the center of your lid (I applied it wet).

6. Take a mixture of light blue and mid blue shadow to your blending brush and add them to the crease to blend the black and dark blue together.

7. Feather the pure white shadow to the inner corners and slightly on top of the dark blue shadow. Also add the white to your browbone as a higlight color.

8. Add bright blue shadow to the lower lashline.

9. Darken the outer corner of your lower lashline with black (or if you prefer, with dark matte blue)

10. Line the waterline with black.

11. Make a winged liner with your liner (Liquid, pencil, shadow, gel which ever you prefer.)

12. Add generous amount of mascara.


Thank you for reading!
- Riina -


Look: Sensuous Spring

Hello hello hello :)

Here's a look called "Sensuous Spring".
Spring is far away allready, I know, I did this look a while ago now. But wanted to share it with you all.

This looks also made into top picks in MAKEUP GEEK site, but dont forget to hit *LOVE* also if you like this look.

Enjoy. <3


* NYX Jumbo Pencil "Milk" (Outer part)
* Makeup Geek "Vanilla bean" (inner part/tear duct)

* Makeup Geek "Shimma Shimma" (-"-)
* Makeup Geek "Sensous" (Outer V, crease)
* Inglot ‪#‎376M‬ (Outer V)
* Meow Cosmetics Summer Spirits Collection "Spiked!" (Midlle, outer part)
* Sugarpill Cosmetics "Tako" (Highlight)
* Makeup Geek Gel Liner "Immortal"
* Makeup Geek "Corruption" (on top of the gel, to darken the outer V)
* Maybeline Colossal Waterproof Mascara

Don't get scared by my flaming red hair! :D
At some point I was caller "Ariel", haha wonder why... ;)


Pop Of Color - Blue Liner

Heyyy you,

Here's a look I wore yesterday. Something simple with pop of bright blue. :)
The pictures have been taken in different days, but the looks are mainly the same, the other one only has the crease shadowing in it. :)

Pop Of Color - Blue Liner

Products used on this look + instructions:

As my skin is good condition nowadays, I really don't use much of a face products, but I give you the instructions anyway.

1. Apply foundation/makeup base if you will (Inglot Makeup Base; silicone based, clear product that goes to all skin colours and shades.)
Now you may wanna apply your full face foundation (or concealer and then foundation... OR foundation and then concealer), this is what I did to achieve my look:

2. Elite Click & Glow Concealer in "Opale" (Used it under my eyes and few spots on my jaw line). >> Blend the product carefully.
3. Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation in "Chausie", shade 0-inquisitive (too loght for me at summertime, so added only a tinyest amount to even out my skin color.)
4. Meow Cosmetics Glow Powder in "Diety Glow" (Contoured my cheekbones and little bit forehead)
1. Aplly a thin coat of eyeshadow base of your choice. (Lime Crime eyeshadow base sample.)
2. Pat on a light nude color with flat stiff brush. (Makeup Geek e/s in "Vanilla Bean" BTW Hit the pan with this! <3)
Optional step 3. Blend some shimmery brown shadow to the crease with small or medium blending brush. (Makeup Geek e/s in "Homecoming")

4. Add different shades of blue shadows to the lower lashline. (This is the order I add them: Makeup Geek e/s "Mermaid", Makeup Geek e/s "Sea Mist", Makeup Geek e/s "Ocean Breeze" to darken the outer corners.)
5. Draw a winged liner with angeled brush or liquid liner. (Makeup Geek Gel Liner in "Immortal")
6. Set the liner with black eyeshadow (Makeup Geek e/s "Corrupt")
7. Add your favourite mascara. (My ultimate favourite at the moment: Maybeline Colossal Waterproof Mascara < Not for cruelty free or Vegan fans though)
Hope you liked it! :)
Go and vote this looks on Makeup Geek site!
See you all soon! <3


Come Back


I don't even know where to start honestly. It has been almost a year as I last time wrote to this blog, so I kind of feel weird to come back after so long time, mainly 'cause I know I had readers and I feel like I 'abandoned' all of you when I just stopped writing all of a sudden (literally).  And for that I'm so sorry.
Honestly, my life was kind of a mess at the time I strated this blog, so I don't even understand how I imagined I could commit into writing. I shouldn't have even started since I knew I may not be able to continue.   

Now that almost a year has gone by, I'm feeling good and happy. I feel like myself again. There has been a little thought of coming back to write this blog for a some time now, so... Here I am now. If you still 'take me back'. :)

What have happened in a year:

* I'm now 21 years old
* Year away from graduating to be a estetician
* I have lost weight 12-14 kg
* I'm sertificated lash extension technician (phew that was long word)
Yup, I was red head :D (Had also flaming red hair at the end of the winter)

And I still do makeup looks! Just haven't done them as active as I used to when I still wrote here. :)
I quess that, if I'm writing again here, that means I start to do makeup more often again! :D
Here's one of the looks I have done recently :)