This is a look my class mate actually did couple of times to me during our makeup period.
It was honestly the only makeup I kept the whole day after the class and the only makeup I have recreated since it to myself allready couple of times.
Only thing is that I added some of my own things to it (The winged liner and white waterline). The "Original one had only a really thin blavk liner (not winged), and the pink was matte color.
I think this really emphesizes blue eyes! :)
This also compliments my red hair (which hasn't changed after I colored it red haha :D I will stick into it!)
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Here's how you can achieve this look (the eyes)!
1. Apply a base (Mine was just a white kohl pencil)
2. Pat a dark grey eyeshadow to the outer corners and blend carefully towards the inner corner (Don't bring the dark too close to your inner corner or it will close up your eyes) [Small blending brush]
3. Pat the matte pink eyeshadow to the lid [Flat stiff brush
4. Add some light to the eyes by feathering the white eyeshadow from the inner corner towards the pink (little bit over it also) [Flat brush, soft rounded brush]
5. Feather some of the grey color on top of the pink, towards the center of the lid. [small flat brush]
6. Take a synthetic brush, wet it little bit and add a shimmery pink eyeshadow on top of the matte eyeshadow (By wetting the brush, you get the metallic effect. You can also use some kind of mixing medium like Inglots' Duraline) [Sythetic flat brush]
7. Do a lower lashline shadow with grey and black [Little pencil brush] (If your eye are small, skip this step or line only half away like I have done.)
8. Line the upper lashline with your favourite liner.
9. Add mascara
DONE! :)
Products I used:
* Garnier BB cream
* Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation (Chausie)
* Meow Cosmetics "Warm and Fuzzy" (Lush Blush) 
* Inglot grey eyeshadow (I don't remember the number)
* "Cupcake" (Makeup Geek)
* "Tako" (Sugarpill")
* "Scarlet Ribbon" (Meow Cosmetics limited edition)
* "Immortal" (Makeup Geek Gel liner)
* "Corrupt" (Makeup Geek)
* White kohl pencil (Inglot)
* Maybeline Colossal Mascara
* Inglot Duraline
   Thank you for reading! ^^


  1. You look gorgeous Love it! :D
    Wanna try this look some time ^^