Mixed Things

Hi evereyone,
I know I have been quite lately, I have so much stuff going on in my life right now. I can tell you something, but there are actually a... well I don't know is it really a 'big' problem - for me at least it is - and aout that I'm not rady to talk now (or even never).
I have a friend who's extremely supporting in this matter, so THANK YOU for being there for me! <3
Also the school has been keeping me away from the computer lately. There aren't much 'homework' since we are already technically working in the school as a cosmetologists (I didn't write that right, did I? haha :D), but I'm almost everyday freakishly tired after school. (Maybe also 'cause the worries, but anyway.)
Here you can see a 'facial care card'. We have now a facial care in school. This card is something we always fill before doing any facials. For example: we have to determine how big pores the clients has, is there blackheads (comedos) or is the skin sensitive. (there are more than only those.)
All of these questions help us to know if the client has normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin.
And as you can quess, when we know the skin type, we can choose the best products for it.
Lets say we have a client that has dry skin. We then choose to use products that are meant to add hydration in the skin. :) It would be no use to use oily skin products for dry skin - there are ingredients that dries the skin in the oily skin products. This way the skin would dry out even more! :D
This is why it would be really helpfull for all of us to really recognize what is our skin type. So that we can take care of it right way.
Sooooo, I've decided to help you little bit with that matter. I will do a post soon where I:

* Tell you about different skin types.
* Help you to recognize some typical features of each skin type.
* Tell little bit how to trat each skin type.
Sounds  good? :)) I wanted to do this, 'cause I have had a problematic skin and it was a pain to take care of it 'cause I really didn't know was I a combination skin or a oily skin - so I can emphatize if someone's having frustrations!! x)
But about that later. Here's a another dark makeup!! :D

I'm so sorry! I don't remember the products I used! xDD I have such a short memory these days!
Last but not least, I colored and cut my hair last weekend. :)))
Isn't it nice color? :P Me likey! (Even if I'm saying it myself.) I'm going to stay with reddish colors.
For those who didn't knew, I use to have pitch black hair. I was black haired until the spring 2012. ;)
I didn't want to invest money to the hair salon so I did my hair (coloring and cut) by myself. xD
DO NOT ABUSE YOUR HAIR LIKE I DID HAHA! <--- it looked like I was killing my hair. :'DD
But don't worry, I have REEEEEALLY thick hair, so it wasn't a bid deal even if I don't have a hair stylists way of cutting hair.
Oh, and my hair is healthy and shiny so no damages :D They way I cut it, just looked really brutal (from the point of my precious hair.... buhahaha xD)
That's all fror now. This post is a... chaotic mess of everything I have in my head right now - a word vomit!!!! hahaha.
Good day my lovies! :))
.... Need to go sleep... and it's only 4 pm. :DD

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