Come Back


I don't even know where to start honestly. It has been almost a year as I last time wrote to this blog, so I kind of feel weird to come back after so long time, mainly 'cause I know I had readers and I feel like I 'abandoned' all of you when I just stopped writing all of a sudden (literally).  And for that I'm so sorry.
Honestly, my life was kind of a mess at the time I strated this blog, so I don't even understand how I imagined I could commit into writing. I shouldn't have even started since I knew I may not be able to continue.   

Now that almost a year has gone by, I'm feeling good and happy. I feel like myself again. There has been a little thought of coming back to write this blog for a some time now, so... Here I am now. If you still 'take me back'. :)

What have happened in a year:

* I'm now 21 years old
* Year away from graduating to be a estetician
* I have lost weight 12-14 kg
* I'm sertificated lash extension technician (phew that was long word)
Yup, I was red head :D (Had also flaming red hair at the end of the winter)

And I still do makeup looks! Just haven't done them as active as I used to when I still wrote here. :)
I quess that, if I'm writing again here, that means I start to do makeup more often again! :D
Here's one of the looks I have done recently :)



  1. Welcome back... I have been waiting for you to update on your looks and post!

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