Hair day

Hello everyone :) 

*sigh* I may have a really bad habit... As I'm upset or feeling down, I kind of tend to either color my hair or cut it. (Or I just get bored to the old color really quickly... Or both :D) 
And I know! It's not so healthy to color your hair radically many times in a row... So don't do it! :D 
At least I haven't bleach my hair entirely, I did it only once and it was in a salon and as I wanted to get rid of my black color. 

Well, I have been red head just recently, but now I wanted to get rid of the red color. I didn't want to do a bleaching. And if u didn't know, red is a difficult hair color: it doesn't stay vibrant long, but it's a pain in the bottom to try color it away. :D 
My only choice since I didn't want a bleaching was to color my hair with a cool brown color (to get the warmness of the red away) - I did this last time. 

Now I colored with golden brown (seems darker than it should be, cause the red is still affecting on the bottom). And the added little obre effect, but just to my lower layers. I'm quite pleased, even if the bleached part is little carrot! :D :) 

I sat under the bus shelter for almost on hour 'cause I was feeling down. 
The graffitti looks quite cool beside my blue sweater and pink earplugs, don't u think!? :D 

U may laugh at me, but I' actually planning on trying to do sone POKEMON  inspired makeup looks in near future. :P haha. 

See u <3

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