Sugarpills' pigment "Magpie"... Gorgeous deep, dark blue, glittery color I never manage to photograph properly. *sigh*
Flash, no Flash, natural light, no natural light, I have tried them all.
But I am determinded to keep trying.
Anyway here's a look featuring the "Magpie" pigment from Sugarpill. I have used it so little 'cause I feel I suck with blues and greens :( (Not to mention with glittery pigments which I tend to drop all over my face xD)

Products used in this look:

* Lime Crime eyeshadow base (sample)
* Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
* Makeup Geek e/s: "Corrupt" (Black), "Poolside" (Bright Blue with hint of gold)
* Sugarpill Loose Shadow "Magpie"
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition (2 shades of blue)
* Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed e/s "Tako" (White)
* Inglot Liquid Liner #25 (Black)
* Makeup Geek Gel Liner "Immortal" (Black)
* Maybeline Colossal Waterproof Mascara
The numbers indicate the place of the each color, not the order.

1. Apply your eyeshadow base. Or if you don't have any primer, use a thin coat of concealer.

2. Apply a white base (mainly to the center and inner corner of your lid). Mine was Nyx Jumbo Pencil "Milk", but you can also use white gel liner or white kohl pencil if you prefer.
3. Draw a cat eye shape with a black shadow and pencil brush towards your eyebrow. (You can use pieces of tape as your quideline to do this.)

4. Feather the blach shadow towards the middle section of your eye.

5. Take your dark blue pigment and pat that gently to the center of your lid (I applied it wet).

6. Take a mixture of light blue and mid blue shadow to your blending brush and add them to the crease to blend the black and dark blue together.

7. Feather the pure white shadow to the inner corners and slightly on top of the dark blue shadow. Also add the white to your browbone as a higlight color.

8. Add bright blue shadow to the lower lashline.

9. Darken the outer corner of your lower lashline with black (or if you prefer, with dark matte blue)

10. Line the waterline with black.

11. Make a winged liner with your liner (Liquid, pencil, shadow, gel which ever you prefer.)

12. Add generous amount of mascara.


Thank you for reading!
- Riina -

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  1. Im going to try and recreate this look! It is absolutely gorgeous!