I Got Bruised

Now everybody, untill you freak out; I'M REALLY FINE! Hopefully the headline didn't scare anybody. : D


As some of you know, I'm currently a Cosmetician student, but my other goal is to enter the MUFE (Make up for ever) academy at some point as I have graduated. I'm really into all of the dramatic photoshoot makeups and SPECIAL EFFECTS... I just have to get the money also for the academy...... Well that's the problem for later. :D


Here are some bruises that I did. Now don't be too critical, 'cause first of all these are my very FÍRST bruises I have done ever. And on top of that I don't have ANY professional products. Meaning like a cream based products specially made for creating bruises and etc.

All of these have been done with using a eyeshadows and some liquid blush. (Mainly the BH Cosmetics 120 palette.)

This is a first bruise I have ever made. It's too symmetrical and maybe too purple also. :D

My second bruise I made to my brother. It's also too symmetrical, but hey!! His FB friends were asking what the hell had happened to him, so it must be good! haha :D

And last but not least, the bruise I made for myself. ^_^
I tried to look my real bruises so that I can try to copy the color, but It didn't work so well... All of my real bruises were so small and... old (brown and yellow). Although now that I think of it... I rarely have those kind of 'fresh', purple/blue bruises! :O
Have to practise yet! And also it would be nice to have proper equipment for special effects. :) 


Stay safe! Don't bruise yourself!!!! :)))

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  1. Oh, those bruises look so realistic! :) Good job!


    1. Thanks!! One of my friend saw the last picture and actually thought I have been in accident. :D