Why So Serious?

Okay, yesterday my brother suggested (insisted) I should do a Joker makeup for him. I said I wouldn't do it until I have some scarring liquid or latex so that I can do... well scars. But.... Then I got bored today and do it anyway. -.-'

I'm not completely satisfied how this end up to be, but it was first attempt and I'm doing this again when I have scarring equipment.

Here's the Joker makeup;

I worked almost hour and a half wih this. My brothers eyes are super TEARY!!!! ARGH!!! ;(
He wanted to wipe his eyes constatly and I was like: "DOOOOON'T RUIN MY MASTERPIECE!!" ;D
Bro could have had more expressions for pictures, but........... maybe I can live with this since I'm not the most photogenic person in the world either.


* Illamasqua white skin base foundation
* Makeup Geek e/s "Corrupt"
* Makeup Geek e/s "Bitten"
* Mac Fluidline "Blitz and Glitz"
* BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition (dark purple, and mid brown)
* Random eyeliner
* Random red lipstick

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