Cosmetology Info Event

Waah, I'm exhausted X_x
I didn't sleep well.... (well I did sleep well enough, but I was forced to get up too early. ;( ) And on top of that I had a COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL INFO of adult schooling! (Now I want to study that field even more! <3)
Why on earth I applied to Uni. last summer?!?!
(Well thanks to 'wrong' choices I now know what I want to be.) Been philosophical here.  

This was my first time to visit this particular school. It was HUUUUUGE and so neat!
There are different buildings E.g for Beauty/Cosmetology, Nursing, Bakers (for some restaurant chefs... I don't know what they are called! :D haha.)
Just quess did I enter the wrong building at first???
If you answered 'YES', it's the right answer!!! Golden star for you! ;)
But fortunately I didn't run in the hallways like a headless chicken.
When leaving there at the end of the info event I only thought: "I WANT TO STUDY HERE!" <3
The place was cool, the degree is what I want and the teachers seemed so nice and couraging.
Me likey >_<


Anyway, I was quite anxious to go there, 'cause the invitation told that there would be some kind of TEST.
I was like; "When's the test? What kind of is it? What if I mess it and shatter my own dreams into million peaces? (went little over with that expression -.- It's not ony this blog, I talk with 'clever' idioms in real life too, if I got the chance to be 'poetic' *tries to hold back the laughter*. Me and my 'wannabe writers' mind.)"
The scary thoughts went on and on... "If it's really hard? No math!" (Almost throw up when thinking I would have to do math X.x)

And then they gave the 'daunting' test...

"1) Add 'boxes' to this geometrical picture so that the pile doesn't fall down.
2) How many boxes there are in the finished drawing?

3) Draw a mirror picture of this; .... "

*Crickets chirpin inside my head.*
I look on the other side of the paper with a hollow look in my eyes and... There's nothing. Just three tiny questions.
This is the TEST???? Are you kidding me?


Haha. So I was overly worried obviously, they just wanted to test our outlining abilities (I don't know if that's the right word in English).
The 'box'  thing was definitely not my cup of tea.
I stink with geometrical patterns. But I don't think that's the most important thing when choosing next cosmetology students! :D
More inportant is the essay which I now have to write. It must be awesome!
And of course the motivation is THE MOST IMPORTANT of all.


Next friday I have a interview for the cosmetology schooling and it's on the same school that I visited today. YAY!
Basically I applied for two schooling programs in the same school - the adolecense side of cosmetology program and the adult side of it also.
In the adolecense side I already know I'm qualified to go to the interview (which is going to seal my destiny partly :P With a great interview answers, one spot is mine and with bad ones... You know the other choice, I'm not going to say it just 'cause I'm lil' superstition ).
But in the adult side, I have to do a essay first and then I maybe got the invitation.
Complicated ha?


Hmmm.... Good thing it doesn't show I haven't been in school for a year now. *Queen of sarcasm* 


Here's a photo of my... tired and always as pale face. (just if somebody's interested of my 'info event' makeup and hairdo.) x)
I kept it natural, just in case there would be some kind of interview type of things. (head band and pearl earrings missing from picture.)
I maybe wear that same blouse on friday in the actual interview. :)
Honestly the clothing style I had today doesn't differ from my casual style too much. So I at least didn't over dress myself. :)

'Vanamo' necklace, Neutral makeup with winged liner, ponytail so that my face shows and natural but defined brows (usually my brows are barely visible. haha :D)

Have a good day Lil' readers! Or if is it evening, then: good evening!
You will hear from me soon! There are some tutorial things planned in my calender (the calender that exist in my head. But it's more accurate than the paper one! ;D) and at the end of the week I will tell how the interview went! :)
(If it went great I write, but in other cases... You can quess it. I won't say the other choice out loud, 'cause I'm little superstitious and think that if I do say it, it'll happen that way O_o) 
I'm been silly now, aren't I?
Can't help it, part of who I am. :)))

Thank you for reading! (it was horribly long post. Or at least it looked like it was.)

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