Introducing Myself

Hello and Welcome!

First of all THANK YOU for visiting my page! :)
I was couraged to create a blog... So here I am now!
In this blog I will share some of my experiences with applying to Cosmetology school. And also I would like to share some makeup tips and advices. (Maybe also products 'reviews'... 'experiences' sounds actually better...)

Tehee, that's me. (Tried to choose a picture where I look relatively 'normal'. haha.)
Do I look Asian? (I have been told to have little Asian features. haha Except my sharp nose. ;))

Who am I?;

I'm born in 1992.
My BURNING passion towards makeup and cosmetics on the other hand really ingnited only year or two ago. At the time I'm applying to Cosmetology school, so I'm not a PRO in anything :)
Let's admit it, I have literally makeup addiction, but that doesn't mean I would walk in streets looking like clown! haha.
No, seriously. The picture above shows what I look in public. My makeup addiction is purely connected with the dream of becoming professional Makeup Artist in the future.
But for now, I'm just a WANNABE MUA, who want's to share her world and tips with others ;)
Now your thinking; "Oh, yet another crazy beauty blogger, seen that already..."
And I'm saying; I don't mind if you have already seen and read all the other thousand beauty blogs, it's your choice to read or not to read. (to be or not to be. xD )
Sorry! :D This is how I am, laughing to my own jokes. Point is I'm not going to blog only about beauty products etc. ( I don't even know about them so much that I could.)

Besides, I'm also highly interested in skin care and the chemical side of the beauty industry. I would like to help women/girls (maybe men also?) with finding cosmetics products that are CRUELTY-FREE or VEGAN. This is also my goal in the future, if I get that Cosmetology degree.


Lil' Rin?
:D In middle school my friends called me with a name "Pikku Riina" (Little Riina in Finnish). I thought it would be fun 'artistry name'. Besides, the nickname still descripes me pretty well... 

Lil' Rin (talking in a 3rd person here like a true diva artist) is also a wannabe novelist/author/writer. Makeup and writing is a way for me to execute my imagination. In general I get ideas from make-up to my writings and vice versa. (Also from REAL books, movies, music, nature... I think I shoul stop until there's like hundred things :D) :)

Thank you for reading! <3 
Stay tune for;

* Looks by me
* Makeup tips/advices (but remember, Im no PRO)
* Possible product reviews
* ETC.

You can find my contact info from the right side bar! (I take suggestions, ideas etc.) :)


  1. Haha, you are super cute, lil Rin! I look forward to more of your "experiences!" :)

  2. Haha, Thank you Scarlett! :) And stay tune for more of me and makeup! ;)