Tutorial; Cupcake Doomsday


First of all, I just want to say thank you for those of who have given me a vote @Makeup Geek. :)

I really hope that the person who requested me to do a Cupcake Doomsday tutorial, will find her way to my blog and sees this!

On to the step-by step tutorial! (This is my very first tutorial so please bare with me if it isn't perfect. :) Obviously this isn't exact copy from the original look, 'cause I didn't take step-by-step pictures at the first time, but this is basically how I created the look.)

Start by priming your eye with EYESHADOW PRIMER;

Then add a sticky, white base only on the CENTER of your lid (e.g. NYX jumbo pencil. Mine was MUS Hightech lighter) IF YOU AREN'T USING LOOSE SHADOWS, YOU WONT NEED THIS STEP;

Pat the grape color on top of the sticky base. (Meow cosmetics "Doomsday" from the End Of Days Limited Edition collection);

Apply your crease color (MUG "Neptune");

Crease color added (same step as above);

Take a lighter lavender shade and lighten the purple you just applied (MUFE #116), but you can try also plain white;

Now you want to put the SOFT PINK shadow even higher on your crease or even above your natural crease (MUG "Cupcake") Play with this color and the purple until you get the intentity you need;

Add litte bit black on the outer corner (MUG "Corrupt). Add also mix of "Neptune" and "Corrupt" to lower lashline;

BLEND the black inwards with a purple ("Neptune") on your stiff dome blending brush. At this stage you want to keep adding that soft pink and purple almost with every step, since they can fade a way;

Now add pure white (Sugarpill "Tako") on your inner corners;

"Feather" the white (*Do little, sideway storkes towards and on top of the grape color by using flat stiff brush). Wipe the white also towards your browbone + add white to your browbone area to blend harsh lines;

Line your upper waterline and one third of lower waterline with a black kohl pencil. (OPTIONAL); Do a winged liner with liquid liner;

Add two coats of black mascara;

Apply False lashes (Ardell "Babies) and three pink rhinestones to each eye;


Numbers indicates the places of each color, NOT the order of application

I will be happy to answer you, if you have any further questions! Just e-mail or leave a comment!

Thank you Lil' readers, hope this invites you to try create your own Cupcake Doomsday! If you do decide to try this, let me also know how it worked out! :) <3


  1. Hey, I found this look in Meow's Facebook! I love it!!I've checked some of your other looks and they're so pretty! I want to try some:) thanks for sharing them and make the tutorials :D

    1. Hi!!

      Thank you so much for your compliment! As a self taught 'artist' it means alot! :) If you try some of my looks, let me know how they turn out to be and if the tutorials were useful!
      More tutorials and looks yet to come in the future! ;))

      - Riina -