Razzleberry Slushie

Hey, hey, hey! Here's what I did today :)

Slushie, slushie :3

I'm not even sure why, but I'm not completely pleased how this came up. :DDD Maybe because of the photography. So I'm sorry if the colors seems too bright - in my computer they're fine, but every screen is different. :)

I wont yack anymore, I just let the pictures speak for me :)

Razzleberry Slushie;

Here's the products;


* Mufe HD Foundation
* Meow Cosmetics Mineral Foundation - Chausie (Inquisitive) (Yes I used a foundation on top of the foundation...)
* Aromaleigh Mineral Cheek Blush in "Sakura"


* Inglot Eyeprimer
* NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk"
* BH Cosmetics 2nd edition 120 Palette (2 pinks and 1 black)
* MUG "Razzleberry
* Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Shadow "Tiara"
* Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow "Tako"
* Inglot Liquid liner #25
* Red Cherry lashes JB/CP


* Inglot #242

In this the "Razzleberry" shows little better. (I used it in the crease under two other pinks)
Makeup Geeks' "Razzleberry" is truly a unique color. It's a true, vibrant red with gold sparkles in it! It blends like a dream and feels really smooth. "Razzleberry" is so pigmented that when I first time took it into my brush (barely touched the shadow) I noticed there was already way too much color in my brush (a good surprise 'cause wiht some less pigmented shadows you almost need to rub the shadow to get decent amount of color!)
This time I only used it as a kind of a blending color with other pinks, but in the (near) future I will doo more looks with "Razzleberry". :))

That was that Lil' Readers! Hope you liked it! I had fun doing this. <3 :)
Let me know, if you want a tutorial! (Didn't take step-by-step photos now, 'cause I was spontaniously planning this while doing the look at the same time. <--- that style seems to work be better than detailed planning :D)
Razzleberry Slushie @Makeup Geek


  1. I love this look! Also it is interesting reading about how you are going to cosmetology school because I have been a cosmetologist for two years! It's a lot of fun :) Best of luck

    1. So nice to hear that! :) Fingers crossed I passed the interview.
      Thank you for your support!