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Hi Lil' readers!

As I said in earlier posts, I tell you about the products I got in last week. (BH cosmetics, Makeup Geek).
And as I have said in my blogs' sidebar, the things I say about these products are 100% honest and my OWN opinions. I'm not paid to say anything and I will ever be! Please remember also that IF I say something LESS positive about the products, it doesn't mean that you should immediately think the same - there are lot of reasons why some products can be 'bad' for me but good for somebody other!

BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition 120 Palette:

Again I felt like I was the only one out there who didn't have some kind of 120 e/s palette :DDD
I'm not going to give any reasons WHY I bought this, 'cause isn't it obvious? I just WANTED it! :D
There are many companies that make these kind of palettes; Coastal Scents, Manly... and then there's of course replicas that aren't necessarily as good as the 'real' ones.

This is my first 120 palette so I can't tell if there are some differences between the different brands and their 120 palettes. I just decided to go with BH Cosmetics, 'cause it was affordable. :)

* Price 29,95 $ (but there is quite much sales now!! e.g 30% off)
* Relatively fast shipping (international shipping)
* Product was extremely well packed.
* The sleek, black palette seems sturdy, but I kept the cardboard in case of I have to move the palette.
* The shadows have a good pigmentation
* Lovely variety of colors and shades
* Blends well
* I haven't tried them all (obviously), but some of the shadows are nice and creamy (good blend ability) BUT...
* There is some shadow dust on top of the eyshadows after you have taken it to your brush (hopefully this made sense...). (Creamy eyeshadow = almost non-existed dust on top of the shadow). Despite that I haven't yet experienced any fallouts. :)  
* Some of the lightest colors (e.g the light pink and green) seems to have less pigmentation that the darker shades, so they do need a little bit more work effort - they seem frosty to me (the lighter colors).

Having said that some of the lighter colors seems to lack a pigmentation, I really don't mind at all 'cause I have the patient to pack more color if necessary. I have noticed that you can get the 'tricky' eyeshadows work amazingly if you just take the time to figure out the best way to use them. :) (I'll tell you more later about that matter.)

EVERY SHADOW NEEDS TO BE TREATED INDIVIDUALLY!! haha. :'D (talking like eyeshadows have fealings.)

Personally I'm using this palette as a 'back up' for my other products. (Meaning that I'm not using ONLY this one palette.) But if you are into colors and you just have started to do more makeups, this could be one of the good palette choices! (myself I fell like I should have bought this earlier :/)

If you need to ask more about the palette, you know how to contact me. :) (I may forgot something since I'm writing here a language that isn't my mother tongue. So questions can help to remember 'vital' points. ;)

120 eyeshadows in variety of bright colors.
BH Cosmetics you can buy HERE


Makeup Geek Eyeshadows; 

Before I say anything about the shadows, I want to thank you the MUG group for sending me these shadows! So thank you very much! <3 :) (They really kindly asked me, if I was interested to have some of their shadows. I think it's 'cause earlier they asked me to give some feedback from their site. :)) 

I received: 

* Yellow Brick Road
* Razzleberry
* Mandarine

* Peacock
* Mermaid
* Fuji
* Bitten
* Sensuous 
* Envy 

About MUG shadows: 

* Creamy 
* little or no 'dust' on top of the shadows
* Inexpensive (refill pan 5,99 $ or compact 7,99 $)
* High quality 
* High pigmentation (Their black shadow is so intense that you need to be careful with it :D) 
* Some really unique colors (e.g "Razzeleberry" and "Chickadee")
* Blends beautifully
* Smooth texture
* Lasts all day (with a primer of course) e.g my eye makeup last 10 hours (and maybe could have last more if I didn't wash it away).
* Don't crease or fade
+ The package where they come is cute! :'D <3 

I have to note that couple of their shadows seems to fall short with the pigmentation. Personally I got little frustrated with "Neptune" and "Yellow Brick Road", 'cause they both are beautiful, but I couldn't get the color show vibrantly. 
BUT as i said earlier with the BH cosmetics, I don't reckon that as a problem. I've already figured out how to treat "Neptune" and I'm determined to find out also how to use the "Yellow Brick Road" so that the color seems as gorgeous as it is in the pan! :) 
Also I think the shortage of the pigmentation in yellow shadow (Yellow Brick Road) can somehow be linked to the thing that yellow is a primary color (you can't mix other colors to get yellow) 

For me these are the best eyeshadows that I have tried so far. Just can't get over that fact. 
I'm not the kind of person who floats with the masses and can't say her own opinion - so I'm not saying this just 'cause 'everybody else thinks so too'. No, If these shadows are good or even best to me, then they are. Period. 

I'm sure these shadows are the first ones where I hit the pan, 'cause as soon as I got my first MUG shadows, I have used them almost in my every look. (and almost forgot every other pressed shadows) :D Simply Love them <3 (almost as much a I love mango ice cream mmm... <3 haha! No, I love MUG shadows more!!!!)

I'm not going to force you to believe me in any way, make your own decision and try yourself if you want. :))
(But still, forth of trying... and forth of every penny!!!)


Buy Makeup Geek shadows from HERE
Their swatches were so good, I decided not to do them again. What if we make the deal that you can see the colors in my looks, so I don't have to do those swatches? ;) 

Here are close-up from the shadows I received last week (not all of my MUGs):

MUG also has a 'Starter Kit' which includes great NEUTRAL colors! Their ' Color Expansion Kit' on the other hand has vibrant colors! :) (8 shadows in each kit) 

If you need more of my opinions about MUG eyeshadows, let me know, ask away! :) Also if you're interested in my MUST HAVE shadows or recommendations, don't be afraid to ask - I'm here to answer the questions, this is what I'm most likely going to do in the future (helping others with cosmetic products.) 

Thank you Lil' Readers! Hopefully it wasn't too long of a posting! :) 
Stay tune for new looks! <3

Jos olette kiinnostuneita ostamaan Makeup Geek tuotteita niin laittakaa ihmeessä meiliä mulle, jos tulee jotain kysyttävää! Jos esim. mietitte tullirajoja, kuljetuskustannuksia tai muita!! Ihan mitä vaan - jos yleensäkin harkitsette kosmetiikan tilaamisesta ulkomailta. Voin myös tiedustella teidän puolesta firmalta (Makeup Geekiltä tai muiltakin), mikäli itse en jo vastausta kysymykseenne tiedä! :)
Henkilökohtaisesti tilaan kosmetiikkaa ulkomailta enemmän kuin Suomesta, joten tiedän jo jos jotakin.
Eettisiin kysymyksiin yritän parhaani mukaan vastata myös (kaikki tietävät mitä tarkoitan, kun puhutaan kosmetiikasta). 

Näkemisiin! :))

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