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Well, well TODAY is my birthday, for real this time :D


This is going to be a short posting, 'cause I have university entrance exams today... :( Boohoo. But guess what I got for my birthday?

NOT makeup! :D hahaaa. I have never had makeup as a present, 'cause people really don't know what kind of  cosmetics I use. haha. Neither have I got any gift cards to cosmetics stores (I buy my makeup from overseas. And on top of that we don't have those amazing, popular cosmetic stores like SEPHORA!!!)

Presents from my family (I don't expect my friends to give anything :) Not a materialistic person.) ;

Thomas Sabo Dragonfly necklace :))))))))))
Love the Dragonfly necklace (I collect Sabo jewelry) <3 
Did you knew that dragonfly symbolizes eternity and the beginning of something new? :))

GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!! (in original English language and translated into Finnish)
I watched the TV-series of this for a little while, but last week I was 'cursing' by myself that I would love to READ the books, but I haven't found them from bookstores.  

How can it be that they where out of these every time I entered the store for six months, but when my mum goes there by accident: Oh look, in English AND in Finnish? :DDD O.O 

Oh! I really have to go now or I miss the bus!
Bye Lil' Readers and have a wonderful day! :) <3

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