Requested look; Wedding Guest

Hey, hey, hey!!! 

Feeling better ^_^

Today one of my friend asked, if I could give some eye makeup look ideas for her to use in a special event. It's going to be wedding (she's the guest)! :)) 

We're going to plan more tomorrow, but we kind of already decided that soft pink/purple look would be good. I took in consideration her dress. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do the look for her at the day of the wedding, but at least I give some application tips. :) 
So exciting! 

Here is something I already did to myself.

I'm not sure what is her everyday makeup style so I started with really soft look. I mean personally I'm not afraid of makeup and color, but a person who doesn't use normally use much makeup don't necessarily want anything too dramatic. :)  

Then I did the look little more edgy by adding some black to the outer corner.

Couple hours later I altered the look to suit my own style by doing the winged liner. (the purple seems little lighter in this 'cause I took the picture in a lighter room that the other ones. My camera setting were also bad in the previous pictures... :/) 

Short blog post today!
Thank you for reading Lil' Readers! <3

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