Green As... Broccoli?


*laughing* Yeah, you're most likely to wonder what's with the title of this posting? :DDD Well first of all, I might have some weird addiction to broccoli, cause everytime I see green it's the first thing comes in my mind.

And the second reason is this;

In FB I named this spontaniously as a "Lime Spring" (because of the lime green... I'm so creative -.-'), but come on you can't deny it, obvious broccoli inspired!! :DD

I got carried away with the photo editing. (I'm also sorry that the pictures are bad, I've been really bad with the camera lately.) 

Okay so if get pass the fact that apparently I have a subconsious obsession with broccoli, I actually wasn't really inspired by the spring (or the broccoli...).
Ever since I started to do makeups, I've been AFRAID of color GREEN. *bites her fragile nails* :S
And that is exactly why I wanted go out of my comfort zone and do all green look now that I have green shadows to play with! (in my new 120 palette)

I don't reckon this as a success, but it's not a completely failure either. Just a reasonable  result if you take a consideration the thing I'm a 'first timer' with the green shadows :DD (Did that sounded funny???)
I shall practise more with the greens. NO MORE BROCCOLI LOOKS! haha :D

Oh btw, if you think this looks little unfinished (mainly 'cause I don't have anything on my lowerlahline) I agree. It's just that at the time there's no point for me to do my lower lashline, 'cause my eyes are so dry they're teary all the time - all the color would get messed up right away.


* BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition (acid green and forest green + black)
* Makeup Geek "Yellow Brick Road"

Hopefully you have great day Lil' Readers... And maybe my broccoli look at least made somebody else laugh also! <3 :'D

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